How To Make Skate Shoes Last Longer 2023?

Anything needs maintenance to make it long-lasting. First of all, you should choose durable and comfortable material that helps to make anything long-lasting forever. If you are a rider, you need durable shoes for smooth and comfortable riding. The shoe’s durability depends on  How often you ride on a board and what type of tricks you do. So, if you are a skateboard rider, you must know how to make skate shoes last longer.

Here we will enlist some important tips and tricks to enhance your skating shoe longevity. First start with the common question: how long do skate shoes last? Let’s start scrolling down!

How Long Do Skate Shoes Normally Last?

Skate shoes normally have 4_5 months of longevity if you use them frequently. The high-quality material skate shoes will last 1_2 years for an intense street skater.

For example, if you use canvas shoes, they are made of normal fabric. That doesn’t guarantee warranty and durability because these get dirty like clothes and don’t wash in the machine like the cloth. If we wash it, the glue in the sole may seep out and expose so much water, which causes the fabric of the shoes to shrink.

Below we will discuss some tips to make your skate shoes highly durable. So, keep scrolling down and read all tips carefully and ride confidently with them.

How Can We Make Skate Shoes More Durable?

There are 10 ways to make your skate shoes long-lasting. These are all basic and quick tips for everyone. Let’s talk about it.

  1. Stuff your shoes with newspaper.

The common and best tip is to stuff your skate shoes with newspaper. Crumpled the newspaper and filled toe to heel, and left for 1-2 hours. This trip will absorb moisture from the shoes, helps to keep their shape, and will even help prevent odors.

  1. Avoid breaking with your shoes

Avoid breaking with your shoes that may break the sole of the shoe. We suggest it’s better to apply Shoe Goo on the hole and tear that will protect your shoes. And make it extra strong for any rough surfaces. You can also buy a quality grip tape and apply it to cover the shoe’s hole and tears.

  1. Preference to ride on a smooth surface

To make your shoes long-lasting, it’s important to ride on smooth surfaces. Not every shoe is strong and durable. Anything may crack or damage when it is roughly used. Like if you ride on marked areas on skate shoes. It’s also essential to buy special shoes if you want to practice tricks with shoes for Heelflips more often than kickflips. You need to take care of that area more than someone who only does kickflips.

A beginner should learn ollies and then be ready for the flips. But make sure to treat that area and patch it when needed. In the learning of Ollie, the mostly shoe sides are areas used under the ball of your foot where you rotate.

Furthermore, while practicing kickflips, The front of your foot and the collar side where you Heelflip. During these tricks, the laces can rip.

  1. Apply Glue to the Stitches

When you buy a new pair of skate shoes, here is the best tip we share with you. Before riding, you should use a skateboard shoe protector like apply superglue or glue Goo on your shoe stitches. Remember, only apply those areas that are mostly contacted with your skateboard grip tape. It’s a very helpful tip you can use any time to prevent your shoes from tearing apart.

Keep Note: Only apply glue on the stitches and avoid holes and fabric that will lose the board grip and look bad and dirty. So, check out your old shoes and apply this tip to them.

  1. Prefer suede or leather Shoes, Avoid Canvas

For skating, you need to buy a suede or leather shoe. At least the upper, heel, and nose area should consist of suede. Suede is the most popular, and athletes recommended shoe that will provide a strong grip on the board and on most board feel, where leather feels a bit stiffer.

It would be best if you bought the suede shoes from any well-known brand that ensures their quality and durability. Plus, these are made with the strongest stitching.  Below is the name of a well-known brand where you can buy perfect shoes for skating.

Adidas, Ernie’s, Emerica, DC,  Lakai, etc.  The prices are high, but Cupsoles usually last a bit longer.

  1. Quality Material

Definitely, Material matters when you buy branded shoes for skating. The suede and leather skate shoes are more durable than canvas. Any shoes will destroy due to the grip tape, but the suede and leather shoes will be long-lasting in rough and tough use. We recommend you not buy canvas shoes because they are not breathable in summer. It’s better in winter when you are riding longboards and cruising.

Even more, if we talk about Leather shoes’ quality, they will last longer if they are made with high-quality multiple layers of Leather.

  1. Preventing Skate Shoe Laces From Ripping

Laces ripping is a common thing in every shoe. Everyone feels fed up when they try to tie their shoelaces and fail. So, in that case, you should use “Shoe Goo”  to stop them from falling apart. Sometimes you are not able to lose or tighten them perfectly. In this situation, you must deal with this to get lace protectors. Hidden lace loops will help prolong their lifespan, and it’s also a good idea to try different ways to prevent them from coming into contact with your grip tape. We suggest if you cannot set them, you should buy those shoes with laces higher up the ankles. Plus, it’s also a good idea to coat your laces in rubber cement or waxed hockey laces.

  1. Stay Away From Hot Glue (Avoid Disasters)

If you are wearing canvas shoes, avoid hot glue because that will cause a chemical reaction, and it could burn the canvas shoes. Even if you must avoid Hot glue from leather and suede shoes, it just falls apart quickly and will never repair your shoe again.

  1. Get Quality Skate Shoes

Always prefer quality shoes if you use them for tricks. Because low-quality cheap shoes will not go longer than leather and suede shoes. We also suggest if you have experienced good with your old shoes and they go for last then buy a new pair of the same shoes. The best long-lasting shoe brands are Adidas, Lakai, and New Balance. The New Balance 306 are the best skate shoes and are long-lasting for years.

  1. Buy an extra pair of shoes

It’s also a perfect idea to buy an extra pair of shoes and use skateboard shoes by exchanging them. Because if you always wear one pair of shoes it will reduce longevity but if you buy an extra pair of shoes that will be long lasting.

These quick tips about How to Make Skate Shoes Last Forever will help in the future. Don’t forget it.

FAQs About  How to Make Skate Shoes Last Longer 2022

Below are some frequently asked questions that will be helpful in making shoes last longer with useful tips.

Which is better for learning skateboard tricks, canvas or suede?

Canvas is fine if you are just cruising or skating transition, but once you get a good session in anything where the canvas rubs the grip tape (ollies, kickflips, etc.), they will rip very easily. If you’re doing tricks, go with suede. It lasts a lot longer and can withstand the abuse of ollies and flip tricks.

Canvas shoes are a good choice in summer and will go long-lasting for walking, traveling, and bike riding. They are made with good summer fabric, so it does not get too hot in summer. Moreover, they feel the feet comfortable and give the heel to the toe a strong grip. These are the most demanding and favorite shoes for kids, adults, and yours.

Canvas shoes are much more breathable than normal shoes. The fabric is soft and Stretchable, making it comfortable to wear for any type of ride.

Canvas shoes shrink if they are dirty and wet. They will definitely shrink if you directly put them in the dryer for soaking. So, we suggest first you leave them 20 _25 mint to completely soak after washing and then put them in dry. And reduce the chances of shrinking.

If you wear thick fabric skate shoes, this can help scratch out the shoes and make your feet feel more comfortable and no more suffering.

In short, Yes, canvas shoes are better for longboarding and cruising than suede shoes because canvas shoes are solid, eco-friendly and have no toxic properties added while preparing shoes.

What material to look for?

Suede is the best option over leather and canvas shoes. Suede shoes are water-resistant skate shoes, that are comfortable, long-lasting, and good for a harder and tough riding experience.

What things should you consider before buying the best pair of skate shoes?

  • Only buy high-quality shoes from well-known brands.
  • Skate shoes are usually made of vulcanized rubber, fabric, leather, and suede.
  • Choose those cushioned padding shoes to protect the feet from blisters And are hard enough to control landings and slides.
  • A breathable magnificent of shoes will go best in summer that helps control sweat inside feet and keep the feet feeling cool.
  • Choose stylish skate shoes that suit your ride and personality And make a fashion statement.
  • The important factor is that you do not wear extremely stiff shoes that disturb control and balance while riding.
  • The overall best featured Vulcanized skate shoes are slimmer and have low-profile ankle support.
  • If you are riding longer, we suggest applying super glue or Shoe Goo to the areas prone to wear and tear and patching over the damages.
  • These considerations will give skate shoes an almost forever life.

When should I replace my skate shoes?

If you lose grip on the board and feel uncomfortable while riding on the skateboard, you should replace a how’s with new pairs. We suggest buying a new pair of skate shoes from Adidas, DC, and the New Balance shoe brand.

Can skate shoes be cleaned easily?

The canvas shoes also cleaned the stain. But you can only use a solution for removing stains, only white and colored shoes. But we also suggest before applying a solution for removing the stain, you check secretly to see if it works or not.

What are the most durable skate shoes in 2022?

There are many Skateboard shoes you can find in the market. But not all are durable and comfortable. Here we will enlist some best skate shoes for flip tricks based on huge positive reviews from customers that different well-known brands produce. These are highly durable yet affordable skate shoes in the market in 2022.

  • Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe
  • Emerica Men’s WINO Cruiser
  • Emerica Figueroa (Figgy) skate shoes
  • Emerica Reynolds skate shoes
  • Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe
  • DC Women’s Danni TX Skateboarding Shoe.
  • Adidas Busenitz skate shoes
  • Es Accel skate shoes
  • DC Wes Kremer skate shoes
  • Globe Fusion skate shoes
  • Etnies Marana skate shoes

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