8 Best Cheap Skateboard For Beginners Reviews After Testing

If you are looking for the best cheap skateboard for beginners that gives you an excellent ride on a strong standard-size board. And if you only want to buy a cheap skateboard for basic skateboard learning tricks without spending a high amount, then you have arrived in the right place here.

We are going to enlist the 8 Best skateboards for beginners that are strongly built and fully functional.
If you have the best quality skateboard with hardware—such as trucks, bushings, and bearings that have an impact on your ride.

Here are some of the best cheap skateboards on the market. But for you, we recommend our overall best skateboard is the ” Cal 7 Complete Skateboard“. This complete skateboard comes fully assembled, and you don’t require further parts assembly. Just ready to go and enjoy your first ride on Cal 7 cheap complete skateboards.

8 Best cheap Skateboard For Beginners 2023

These are all the best skateboard brands in the market today. Here we will discuss each product in detail with positive and negative aspects. So keep scrolling down.

1. Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard – Heavy Duty


An excellent gift for the first or most advanced skater, CAL 7 Complete Standard Skateboard comes fully assembled, ready to mount out of the box. This is one of the most demanding skateboards due to its strong board, soft wheels, and sturdy trucks as well.

If you want a budget-friendly, good-quality skateboard that has 5.25 inches truck size and 8 inches deck size, then go for it. You have nothing to worry about It is the best and fully functional board for any type of skater. So, put your worries aside and read these skateboard features in detail.

Classic Design

A beautiful structure with its classic design, CAL 7 board is ready for sailing and tricks. The cal 7 skateboards are made of high-quality maple wood that gives you a well-balanced ride without losing your feet’ grip on the board. It also gives you the right mix of flexibility and durability.
Moreover, Don’t forget that you will get a high-quality CAL 7 Canadian 7 maple wood board at a low price. That’s why we stand this at the top of the best cheap skateboard list. You will be amazed it will make you glide year after year as well.

Smooth Ride

The 8 inches 7-ply solid wooden board comes with 52mm 99A polyurethane wheels and grip tape previously used. The cal 7 comes with smooth standard-size wheels made of urethane. The quality material provides a firm grip and minimizes slippage around the corners. They are harder than shopping cartwheels and regular shoe soles.

Heavy Duty Hardware’s

The truck is solid and sturdy due to its aluminium construction, and this material makes it lightweight as well. This is the best option for any age rider because it can give a well-balanced and robust grip ride to anyone. Another fantastic thing about the Cal 7 skateboard is that it has ABEC 7 bearings that guarantee a smooth ride.
The next hardware that helps prevent tire biting is 3mm riser pads and HR95A bushings. These features provide easy riding.


This skateboard offers you a one year warranty that covers against manufacturer’s errors. That will be a good offer for a cheaper skateboard.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Durable and reliable
  • Cool and sturdy design
  • Easy to Ride with pre-padded grip tape
  • Premium Quality Hardware
  • Flexibility is limited

These boards are designed for skaters who do not know what is essential on a good board. Advanced features and robust construction make this board a flexible decision that will not go into your budget. Cal 7 has lots of styles and design options. You can easily choose from one of them according to your needs. So, Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5-8-Inch Deck is best in many ways. Just go for it.

2. CCS Skateboard Complete With Maple Wood – Best Overall


CCS Skateboard Complete With Maple Wood


CCS skateboard designs for beginners to pros. This board has and everything you need, Even while learning the basics or advanced tricks easily and quickly. We know you do not want to lose a ton of money to get a skateboard, so we give you a way to get back on board. CCS skateboard complete skateboard is not only in the cheap price range. You will definitely love the quality of the board.

Popular Brand

This is the most popular brand that produces quality products. That’s why millions of skaters have trusted on CCS brand worldwide since 1985.

Deck Design

This also comes with ready-to-go functions. It’s fully assembled, and Its classic shape gives you excellent grip and the perfect ride for cruising and tricks. The deck is made of high-quality maple wood, making it strong and flexible. The deck was made of a study with 7-ply maple wood that will never let you down on any surface and ride smoothly to any even surface.


This skateboard comes with white 52mm 100A wheels. You can easily ride for mounting, hiking, etc. The solid metal base trucks and other hardware make it technically strong for a challenging ride.

Trucks Quality

The professional quality trucks and ABEC 7-bearing installation give you a smooth ride on uneven surfaces. The function of mixing ABEC bearings and 52mm wheels will enable you to learn any tricks quickly.

Various Length

The black and blue stickers design makes it more stylish. CCS board also comes with other deck sizes in various widths and lengths depending on your rider’s height.

  • Easy to assemble
  • It offers a smooth ride with solid grip pads.
  • Classic design with long time guarantee
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Best Stiffness and Large CCS Decals
  • Color availability is limited

The CCS Skateboard Complete board is ready for basic tricks learning with its classic blue and black deck design. The 7-ply Maple wood high-quality wide board gives you the right mix of flexibility and durability. CCS Skateboard Complete is the best choice for beginners to learn basic skating with an affordable board. So, enjoy your first ride with the Canadian board, and premium components will make you glide year after year.

3. Dream Beauty 31-inch Pro Skateboard Complete – For Teens, Girls


If you are a girl with a passion for skateboarding, then this 31 inch Dream Beauty Skateboard is the best skateboard for girl beginners. Its double kick concave design is helpful for a break and provides improved control during skating. This skateboard provides you with a smooth ride and helps teenagers, girls, and boys to learn basic tricks effortlessly.

Durable Deck

It has a strong structure, and Because of the seven layers of maple wood, it is quite durable. It can support a total weight of 440 pounds. As a result, it is appropriate for adult children aged 5 and up. The deck comes with other various styles and designs. And this is mainly best for girls due to its flexibility and easy control.

Stable and Safe Skating

This skateboard has the full coverage of a high-density emery paper layer. This layer is non-slip and water-resistant and provides a stable and firm grip while skating. As a result, you’ll be safer when skating. That’s why we recommend this board speciality to teenagers and beginners.

Fast and Smooth Riding

It has ABEC bearings with high-quality anti-shock wheels. These bearings are composed of chrome steel and allow you to ride faster. It’s very soft PU bushings provide a smooth ride, making it ideal for skating on the street, skate parks, on-ramps, pools, and other smooth or even rugged surfaces.

Assembling Is Not Required.

There is no need to construct this skateboard because it arrives already assembled. You can demonstrate your skating ability at any time and in any location. So, get ready to go.

  • Double kick tail concave design
  • Thermal transfer pattern
  • T-tools included
  • excellent support
  • Easy to Ride
  • Flexible
  • The grip sheet has noticeable damage.

In short, The Dreambeauty skateboard is the greatest choice for beginners who wish to ride quickly and safely. It’s ideal for practising skating stunts. Plus, it’s great for beginners, girls, adolescents, boys, toddlers, and adults. The 31 inches flexible board with wider width gives a solid grip to your feet on the board. Buy and enjoy your first ride with a dream beauty skateboard.

4. KPC Complete Skateboard – Perfect Beginners


KPC Complete Skateboard – Perfect Beginners

The KPC Pro Skateboards are cheap complete skateboards that aim to beat the quality of the best skateboards on Amazon. It’s challenging to make a skateboard with maple, metal trucks, and good wheels for under $40. As a result, it is exclusively designed for you at a lower cost if you wish to learn fundamental skateboarding skills. So, the only reason for adding in to our best cheap skateboard for beginners list is that this board has quality material and gives a comfortable ride on any uneven surfaces.

Durable Deck

This skateboard comprises seven layers of Canadian solid maple, making it more durable and flexible. Its deck is wrapped in a unique Black Grip Tape that ensures an excellent shoe-to-deck grip. It also features a fantastic blend of flex and stiffness that makes your riding great. It has a 7.75 inches deck size with a beautiful black and white color design.

Smooth Riding

It is made out of heavy-duty aluminium alloy trucks. You can change how much and how little the skateboard rotates. Thanks to the geometry of these trucks. The 52 millimeters 92A wheel size can efficiently run in any rough place.

Fast and Safe Riding

Furthermore, because the wheels are wide and soft, they will smooth out road imperfections and provide a comfortable, calm riding experience in addition to manoeuvring and tricks. It also has ABEC-7 bearings and 80 grit grip black tape, which aid in fast and safe riding.

No Assembly Required

This skateboard is pre-assembled and ready to ride right out of the box.

  • Use for rough and smooth surfaces
  • Lightweight And Stylish
  • Cheap in price
  • Easy to Ride
  • Reliable due to good grip and traction
  • Applicable for All Skating style
  • Trucks may need to be replaced.

This board is designed primarily for a first-time rider or someone who hasn’t ridden in a long. KPC is a fantastic skateboard with 7.75 inches Canadian maple wood deck width that comes in different colors and graphics. You get outstanding performance and quality at a low price with KPC Complete boards.

5. Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard – PERFECT FOR ALL


The Rookie Checker is among the best skateboard brands known because of its diverse range. This skateboard boasts a modern concave form that makes your riding more comfortable and conducive to learning new tricks. The 81 centimeters length and 7.75 deck width give you enough space for your feet. The 99A durometer wheels are harder and more robust for all types of riding.

Durable and Sturdy Deck

This board has a 7-ply Canadian high quality Maple deck, which makes it robust and long-lasting. Krown Skateboards are quite comparable to the boards used by professional skateboarders but at a far lower cost.

Adjustable Truck Design

The trucks on this checker skateboard are made of heavy-duty aluminium alloy. The user can adjust the rotation and turns due to the advanced geometry of the truck. So enjoy your every ride smoothly without any doubt of lay down. The 5 inches longboard can bear 220 pounds weight of for the rider.

Speedy Wheels

It has high-rebound 99A wheels. The diameter of this high-quality urethane wheel is 52mm. It also comes with ABEC 7 precise bearings, making it ideal for skating. In addition, it works well on both smooth and uneven surfaces.

Grip tape for Better Support

It features an 80-grit grip tape that will give your board an excellent grip. The enhanced grit aids in support and ensures that your shoes maintain a secure grip on the board at all times.

  • Stylish and modern look
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to learn new tricks
  • Perfect for beginners and regular skaters
  • No Assembly Required
  • Due to the truck’s design, some users have problems turning it.

Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard is the best size skateboard for beginners. It provides the riders with the robust, durable quality that many customers seek when purchasing a budget skateboard. The broad design with a wide length and width rider gets extra benefits from this aluminum board. From beginners to Pro, any type of rider can perform stunts and tricks efficiently with better control.

6. Tony Hawk Complete Cruiser Skateboard -Best Portable


Tony Hawk Complete Cruiser Skateboard -Best Portable

Tony Hawk skateboards are the perfect choice if you want to present a skateboard as a gift to your children who are interested in learning to skate. Many users appreciate its relative ease of use and adaptability. Its durable 31 inches board is the best choice for pro riders. So, it offers a smooth ride for a long time for the community and any travelling even you can choose this board for cruising.

Durable Structure

It has a 31.75-inch long and 7.75-inch-wide double Kick Concave Design deck. Plus, the deck is made of Canadian 7ply maple. Its seven layers of maple enhance this board’s durability. It will never break and slow down in any place.

Riding at High Speed

It is made up of 95A wheels constructed of polyurethane. This Wheel’s exceptional speed is due to the bushing and bearing it is fitted with.

Secure and simple to adjust

The board’s robust black grip tape provides firm footing, which is especially important for novices who are afraid of falling. They can also cruise downhill without losing their balance. They can quickly alter the board, giving them more control over their turns and stunts.

Attractive Graphic Design

It comes in a variety of appealing graphic designs. It has a different color combination design pattern on it that motivates their children to practice for longer periods of time. It can also preserve its shine for a long time because it is built of a waterproof plus fastness heat transfer printed pattern design.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • No need to be assembled
  • Better skateboard experience
  • Smooth Riding on any uneven surfaces
  • Can withstand Max weight up to 175 lbs.
  • Standout Design
  • Some users claim about the board that it does not roll smoothly due to its bad wheels and bearing.

This 31-inch skateboard is the best skateboard for beginners and adults looking for the perfect blend of ease, security, and consistency. It’s also ideal for anyone looking to ease into short boarding. The 31 inches longboard with 52m wheels gives you an excellent riding experience anywhere.

7. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards – For All Age People


POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards - For All Age People

Some people may find spending hundreds of dollars on a skateboard impractical. If that’s the case, this is one of the best skateboards for beginners to look into. Positive Team Skateboard is the best skateboard for you at a reasonable price. Its model, published in 2012, is still suitable for users almost a decade later due to its high quality.

Durable Structure

Birch or maple is used to make these skateboards. Whatever the case may be, these are robust materials that will last a long time. Aside from the material used, the board is unique for having undergone the AirLam process. It’s built by glueing together numerous piles of wood using waterproof glue.


They are flexible yet rigid. However, unlike some other cruisers that are only good for straight routes, you can easily cruise in small spaces. You can find the best skateboard brands in the market, but Positive is one of the best brands in the market today.

Smooth Riding

It also comes with polyurethane wheels, which are one of the most prevalent materials used in skateboards. The black color 54mm wheels give essential shock absorption, allowing you to be more comfortable. In addition, the wheel ensures a smooth ride in various situations.

Excellent Grip and Control

Generally, this board is easy to manoeuvre because it has outstanding grip and control. It can have a load capacity of 250 pounds. It helps to learn tricks easily, and the board is very flexible and enables it to slide with ease.

  • Strong Truck concave design
  • Affordable Price
  • Good choice for adults and teenagers
  • Guaranteed Material
  • Can use on rough Surfaces
  • MiniLogo Bearing
  • Can use on the Street or in Parks
  • Some buyers stated that it might not deliver the original as described.

One of its most valuable qualities is its unique graphic style. The eye-catching graphics view attracts everyone while riding in any community, park, or street. This board is more than enough to persuade you to purchase this item. This board is also available in three distinct versions: Rodney Jones, Teams, as well as Sandro Dias. The waterproof features make it long-lasting years after years. Focusing on the features, you can say this skateboard is the best cheap skateboard for beginners and professionals.

8. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard – Budget Pick


RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard – Budget Pick

Rimable complete skateboards are made for skateboarders of all ages, but they are specially designed for tiny children, especially 5_10 years old. It was also a best-selling product due to its robust features, affordable, and colorful appearance. This is the best gift for your child.

Durable Deck

The deck is composed of plastic and is 6 inches in width. The deck of this board is pretty solid, and it can support up to 198 pounds, so even an adult could ride it.

Wheel with Exceptional Smoothness

Polyurethane is used for the wheels. Plus, it comes with a high-speed bearing. It provides some cushioning, and so promotes comfort. It effectively absorbs shock, especially on uneven ground, so your body doesn’t have to bear the weight.

Amazing and Attractive Pattern

This 22-inch board comes in a range of colors and patterns. Teenagers and young adults use these boards as a fashion accessories, and they have influenced dress designs, music, and culture. Youngers use it efficiently on university campuses and skate parks.


The nicest aspect about this board is that it is already put together. This means you won’t have to waste any time or effort trying to put this board together.

  • Flexible
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cheap
  • Smart and Colorful
  • Best for Kids
  • Some claim that the wheels are unsuitable on stony roads.

If you want your children to learn to skate quickly and safely, the Rimable Complete Skateboard is the most satisfactory solution for them. It’s fantastic for both beginners and experienced skaters. The sturdy structure and perfect functions at a cheap price is an excellent offer for you.


Is it hard to learn the basic trick of the low-quality board?
No, the low price doesn’t matter, but you should choose only a fine quality skateboard for your first ride. The learning only depends on board flexibility and balance. The riding depends on wheels and bearing construction. They are well constructed with high-quality material and you will be able to learn any riding lesson.
Moreover, skateboarding also depends on age, fitness, guts, etc. And you should even choose a board according to your gender and height. Skateboarding is never hard to learn if you start with fundamental tricks like ollies, shuvits, and kickflips. You can learn all-pro Stricks easily.
First, start with a basic trick with an affordable (fine quickly) board, then go all above.

Tips for learning skateboard tricks quickly.

You can learn basic tricks yourself without guiding any experts. But before starting the basic trick, you need plain surfaces and confidence in riding. Push yourself on a board without any hesitation and do practice again and again. The trucks need more practice, depending on how much you practice. If you intend on learning some basic tricks, you’ll need 2_3 months of practice.
Additionally, you can easily learn Ollie’s first trick of skating. The start is learning kickflips. The instructor doesn’t need the basic trick you can learn from YouTube or any videos because two People don’t move the same way. It’s better to you must figure out what works for you. Basically, Learning skating lessons is a path of self-discovery.

How to choose the perfect size skateboard?

We recommend choosing your first Skateboard according to your height and age, and the deck width is proportional to your shoe size. If you are an adult, the 7.8 to 8 inches deck width is a good fit for you. But if you are younger and wear 7.5 to 8 inches shoes, we suggest choosing a larger board width with 8.0 and 8.5 inches width size.
However, we enlisted all good items that are generally affordable. They offer to balance, push, turn, etc.

Which is better: skateboarding or penny boards, better?

Before buying a board, what do you want from abroad, the essential thing before buying a board, whether it’s a skateboard or penny board? Experts only recommend skateboarding for every purpose instead of penny board. Because the skateboard is more versatile, and strong, and helps to learn tricks quickly. But if you want a compact-size board, go with a penny board. They are lightweight and best-suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Ultimately, If you are concerned about cheap boards, you should choose a skateboard with a plain wood design. Without graphics and design, a board might be inexpensive. So, you can create any design by using spray paint, sharpies, and stickers and make your deck art!”

What should you spend on your first skateboard?

Before buying a complete skateboard for beginners, you should consider essential features, like board size according to your height, grip, wheels, and deck durability. After this, a standard board can be found for $30 with basic functions and long durability. Always opt for the best budget skateboard. Be careful not to go for a cheaper one with low-quality material because the low-quality board isn’t flexible, and you will not easily learn basic tricks and slides.

But if you want to buy a board from any well-known brand, a well-known brand has various variations in design style and size, which will start from $50. We recommend choosing only a complete skateboard, which is best for you. Please do not go with separate parts of the skateboard. They are expensive, and you will be confused during assembly.

That is why the above guide will help buy one of the best cheap skateboards reviewed above. I hope you can select one of them from the above-listed items. Good luck.


A beginner skateboard skill can be learned with basic, affordable boards. You don’t need to spend lots of money on basic skating skills. Every starter needs to have a basic, affordable board. You can find various collections in the market today but don’t have an idea which suits you best, so this comprehensive guide about the best cheap skateboard for beginners will guide you on how to get a good skateboard on amazon and other local stores.

Whether it’s your hobby or profession, keep in mind to choose only skateboards that meet your needs. Depending on age, experience, height, and preference, before riding, assemble and learn appropriately about Trucks, wheels, and decks. This guide stands out based on the deck size, bearing quality, and wheel type. We recommend to you ” the Cal 7 Complete Skateboard and Rimmble complete skateboard. Its ABEC 7 bearings and urethane wheels will provide a smooth ride on both parks and streets.

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