15 Best Skateboard Tricks For Beginners (Easy Skateboard Tricks)

Skateboarding is a sport or outdoor activity to express your creativity, joy, and challenges. Learning about how your skateboard? might give you an exciting and terrifying experience. Every Person has their distinct style and repertoire of tricks. Every new skater starts skating as a beginner, then some progress to professionals, while others pursue it as a passion.

However, learning the Best skateboard tricks for beginners can become easy if you start with the basics. Before you can progress to more difficult tricks, you must first master the basics.

Why do we learn the basics before riding a skateboard?

Many beginners mostly make mistakes in attempting more difficult tricks before learning how to ride a skateboard properly. If you apply difficult skateboarding tricks before understanding your balance and mobility, injuries such as sprains, fractured bones, and concussions are more likely if you jump immediately into the board. You’ll progress much faster if you master the basics, and learning new skills will keep you motivated.

Thus we mention here cool skateboard tricks for beginners. Learning these tricks correctly can help you grow more quickly and effectively. It also significantly reduces the risk factor for the more difficult trick.

Before we get into skateboard tricks, let’s talk about some skills that any beginner should have before learning new tricks.

Skills For Learning Skateboard Tricks

Nobody is good at anything when they first start, and you need to practice to become an expert in anything. After a week of practice, you should be able to turn and stop your board confidently. Before learning new techniques, you must first master the skills or basics, some of them are:

  • How to effortlessly get on and off your board
  • Improving your rolling balance and establishing your posture.
  • Become familiar with carving, i.e., leaning into turns.
  • Find out how to keep your speed while skating.
  • Once you’ve gained confidence and competency with these basics, you can ride smartly and can learn & apply tricks.

Skateboarding Tricks List for Beginners

If you’re new to skateboarding and probably thinking about how to do skateboard tricks. So you don’t need to worry about it. We enlisted some skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest in order to make things easier for you. Let’s discuss it.

Easy Skateboard Tricks List

Skateboarding is really all about tricks. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of basic tricks for all beginners to learn. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Hippie Jump

The hippie jump is easy to learn because you have to jump. This is a very simple trick that you can learn by simply jumping on your skateboard and working your way up.

Nose Pickup

It’s a nifty trick for picking up your board. This demands you to roll & pop your board with your front foot while taking off your back foot. You can grab your deck at this point because the tail will instantly follow you.

Kick Turns

This is also the easiest trick that beginners love. To complete a kick turn, you just need to press down on the skateboard’s tail with your back foot and then raise the board’s nose by spinning it in a new direction.

Tic Tac

If you want to learn ollie or Shuv it tricks, then the Tic Tac is probably the first basic skateboard trick that you should have to learn. To do a tic tac, put one foot on the nose and the other foot on the tail of your board and try to walk by pressing your nose and elevating your tail.


A manual is a skateboarding trick that you can use in freestyle skating. Riding manually seems to be skating, which is equivalent to a wheelie; it includes balancing on the tail end of the board as the opposing side is raised into the air.

Nose Manual

The nose manual is identical to the riding manual, except that the board’s nose is squeezed down while its back wheels are popped up. Although it may take a little time to learn, that’s why it is one of the most effective ways to enhance your balance over time.

Other Basic Tricks For Beginners

There are some other crucial tricks you should master if you want to be a great all-around skater.


The ollie is a skating move in which you lift your board into the air by snapping the tail of your board off of a surface. Nearly every single street trick and most ramp tricks can’t be learned without learning this trick. This is the most common and the Best skateboard trick for beginners that is basic and straightforward to learn for every age of people.


A nose ollie, often known as a “nollie,” is similar to a standard ollie except that instead of snapping down on the skateboard’s tail to pop its front wheels, you use your front foot to snap down on the board’s nose, that will raise the tail in the air.

Pop shuvit

A standard shove-it is combined with a frontside or backside pop shuvit. With the pop of an ollie, the board rotates at 180 or 360 degrees in the air.

Frontside 180

An ollie combined with a 180-degree turn is known as a frontside 180. This is another basic trick that a beginner can learn after learning how to do an ollie.

Backside 180

This maneuver is similar to the front side 180. However, you lead with your back instead of your chest, spinning the opposite way you did for the front side.


A kickflip is a skateboard trick in which you flip your board into the air and rotate it at 360 degrees using your feet. A kickflip spins the skateboard in mid-air toward the skater’s toes.


A frontside 180-degree pop shuvit and a kickflip are combined in the hardflip. The name of this trick comes from how tough it is to do.


To do a heel flip, you start with an ollie, and then you diagonally kick out your front foot, which causes flipping of the board with your front heel. The board spins outward from the toes in this move. This trick is very popular and is opposite to the kickflip.


Powerslide is a quick way to stop your board once you’ve mastered standard braking and kick turning. A powerslide is achieved by turning the board sideways while in motion, causing the wheels to skid to a stop.

Safety Tips For Learning Skateboard Tricks

A few basic safety precautions might help you learn skateboard tricks safely.

  • Find the right skateboard with all of the features you’ll need to learn new tricks.
  • Wear thick, long socks to protect your knees from preventing any injury.
  • Use the Right skate shoes for comfortable & safe Skateboarding
  • Protect yourself by wearing a helmet and knee pads
  • Start Learning how to Fall Safely


Here are some common faqs about the Best skateboard tricks for beginners.

What should be your first skateboarding trick?

To learn how to do an Ollie, you should start with simple tricks. The Ollie is the first fundamental trick you must master. It’s the foundation on which practically all other skateboard tricks are built, so make sure you master it.

Is learning skateboard tricks difficult?

Skateboarding is simple to learn if you follow the basics. Before moving on to stunts, you should learn how to ride and balance.

Can you learn the skateboard trick by yourself?

Learning to skateboard on your own might be a trial-and-error process, but if you start slowly and practice the basics, you’ll be well on your way to learning the more advanced tricks.

What should you need to learn before Ollie?

Begin by learning the Tic Tac and hippie jump before attempting an ollie. This is a straightforward trick that you can start with practice.

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