How to assemble a skateboard without a skate tool? (Epic Guide)

Skateboarding is the most enjoyable ride for every age of people. It helps to strengthen muscles,  bones, and the heart. A skateboard gives you an exciting ride like you can play many tricks in any community street park or even mountain. Before riding it, you must know everything about skateboarding, how to ride, learn its basic tricks, and how to assemble a skateboard without tools. Every ride should learn how to ride along and maintain it properly.

So keep scrolling here. We will help you with the skateboard assembly.

 Why is a skate tool needed?

Sometimes, you need skateboard tools to adjust the joints perfectly and tighten nuts, bolts, and wheels. Whether you change the skateboard parts to convert them into new ones, let’s look at the tools you will need to become a Skateboard mechanic.

Which Tool Must a Skater Have?

We don’t suggest having a welding kit. You only need 3 different wrenches, 1 screw, and 1 Allen key size. If you have swing tools, The great thing about the swing tool is that it has all of these tools built into 1 easy-to-manage and straightforward tool.

How to Assemble a Skateboard?

Mostly skateboards come with ready-to-go features that don’t require assembly. So, if you are a beginner, we recommend choosing a fully assembled skateboard, and if you are a pro rider, you have to know how to assemble a skateboard easily.

Actually, assembly is effortless and quick. It’s not a big deal to handle. So, collect all your parts, beautiful high-quality bearings, trucks, spacers, rad deck, wheels, and a pair of stock exchanges.

Below are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build your own skateboard. Follow the instructions, and you must live.

Gather all tools and parts of the skateboard. Apply the adhesive tape to your skateboard deck, drill holes and add bolts. Attach your climbers and trucks, and attach nuts. Now Install your bearings on your wheels. After installing the bearing, the final trick is to connect the wheels strongly and make sure it’s perfectly tightened, and you’re done. It should not take a hard time, and it only takes 30_40  minutes.

Which Tools Do You Need To Assemble A Skateboard?

  1. Skateboard Deck.
  2. Grip Tape (your deck may already have this applied)
  3. Trucks.
  4. Truck Bolts.
  5. Wheels.
  6. Bearings.
  7. Skate tool or a selection of spanners.

 Basically, the assembly of a skateboard is not challenging if you have all the skateboard parts and have a technical mind, so you can easily do it. It is easy and fun. Now adjust your tools. If you have a skate tool available, this should be easy.

How do you assemble a skateboard without skate tools?

If you do not have the above one, make sure you get the following tools:

  • Philips screwdriver or 1/8 ″ Allen Wrench depending on the bolt type.
  • 9/16 ″ socket/screw, 1/2 ″ socket/screw, and socket/screw 3/8 ″.
  • 7/8 ″ Allen wrench, 1/8 ″ Allen wrench.
  • A razor blade or plastic knife for Stanley.

 Tools you need Confidence and your hands.

  1. First Make sure the adhesive should be strong enough to close your board easily and quickly. The 8.5 inches sturdy decks and over are more challenging than small boards. For applying tape a normal grip should fit even if you just need a little attention.
  2. Eradicate the plastic sheet. Close the tail to your nose, and see if it is aligned.
  3. Slowly start the installation from the back to the front and apply adhesive tape. Keep the other side of the angle grip tape, and let your index finger rest at the end of your deck while doing so.
  4. Now scratch the edge by using a screwdriver and try to do a thin line as a factory can make. This will help you make good cuts.
  5. Find the Sharp razor/knife and cut slightly from the corner edge where the wheels connect.
  6. You are applying adhesive tape to the end of your deck, keeping your blade angle facing the deck. Guidance is essential for getting a clean cut.
  7. Using a solid side, use other remaining tape and rub it on the edges. This will make your line look clean and prevent the tape from cracking.
  8. Drill holes where you need to place bolts. Open your deck and push the holes back while turning your screwdriver. This helps to attach the bolts properly and easily.

Faqs About Skateboard Tools 2023(Updated)

Here we discuss some important frequently asked questions that will help you in the future when you need anything about skateboard assembly with or without tools.

Why You Need a Skate Tool

You only need ten tools to repair the skateboard, so why buy a sliding tool? Obviously, you do not want to go around all those tools, and it is easy to get lost. Here are a few reasons why we recommend skate tools. 

  1. More Economic

You can get a skating tool is in approx $20- $40. (I bought mine for $ 13) If you want to buy a skateboard kit with ten instruments, the cost will cost $50- more than $100 to get all ten instruments. You cannot get tools individually. However, most wrenches, die, and screwdrivers are sold in sets and not individually, so you can have a wrench set, a die set, an Allen wrench set, and a screwdriver set.

  1. Easier

Basically, a skate tool has all the basic tools except a knife. you can hold it in your backpack when riding on a skateboard. It’s very easy to handle and lightweight even if you can put it in the glove box of your car. Generally, Ten tools are not easy to manage. They are heavy and weird to slide inside your bag.

Is the Skating Tool Worth It?

The skating tool is ideal because it saves you a lot of time combining different parts and storing parts. They do not take up much space and are an essential piece of gear any serious printer should carry.

Not all skate tools are the same, though. A cheap tool can be frustrating when used, while a quality Tool like the Silver Skate Tool Allows You to Assemble or Adjust the Board Quickly.

 Is Assembling A Skateboard Difficult?

Assembling your skateboard is not difficult once you understand how all the parts work together. Start by using decking tape, wrap your trucks, and add the wheels and bearings. We recommend that you assemble your skateboard with a suitable slide tool. Alternatively, you can use standard tools.

You can use a Phillips screwdriver or 6mm Allen key for blending kit bolts, depending on the type of bolt and 10mm screw. A 13mm and 14mm wrench will fit truck nuts and kingpin. If you find it tedious to use standard tools, you can easily order skate tools and all the other parts you need on your swing board at our online skate shop.

How to disassemble the skateboard?

So, take a perfectly clean position to disassemble aboard. And put your both hands on one side of your skateboard to stabilize as you apply the force to the bolts. When the sliding tool or pliers are in place, grab your screwdriver and turn the screw of your socket, pressing down as you can twist the screwdriver with full force.  This removes all four nuts from their screws properly.

What tools are needed to disassemble a skateboard?

For disassembly of a skateboard, you can use a high-quality screwdriver and socket wrench tools. It’s best to choose Phillips brands for to head screwdriver and socket wrench.  Most people use a skating tools kit because this kit has all the sizes of sockets that will need and tend to be cool.

Which Pieces Of Equipment Need Tools To Assemble, Modify, Or Perform Subtle Changes?

In fact, the answer is everything – wheels, trucks, and decks are all covered with base plate bolts and nuts, axle nuts, and kingpins.

A skate tool will make working on your skateboard easier and will save you a lot of time.

Designed models also help you clean your bearings, install new gripping tape, and change wheels and trucks quickly with a ratchet that makes turning the tool easy.

Whether you are climbing a mountain, climbing the streets of your city, or cutting a local skate park, a skate tool will always be helpful.

If you are buying your first skateboard – or a new one, get a complete and fully equipped skate tool with a comfortable shape and design.

High-Quality Skate Tool

  • Skateboarder’s Swiss Army skateboarding tool. It allows you to mount hardware and adjust components while flying.
  • These skateboard tools are portable, lightweight, adjustable, functional, useful, and affordable.
  • Need to change your wheels, tighten the screws, change the grip tape, fix the screw cord, or clean the bearings?
  • All you need is a slide tool, a suitable gadget for your custom or unexpected adjustment needs.
  • A skateboarding tool is a universal, multi-functional, T-or Y-shaped tool with a few pieces that help you adjust, tighten, or reassemble a skateboard or longboard.
  • It will help you repair, replace, or adequately repair hardware anywhere without going home or walking to the nearest skate shop.
  • High-quality skate tools include all the necessary equipment to fit various parts of your board.
  • The best skate tools on the market include a removable Allen / hex key, a Phillips screwdriver head, a bearing press/remover, a catch-tape file, and a bottle opener.
  • The skater’s all-in-one tool usually incorporates a few socks sizes – usually 3/8 ”, 1/2 ”, and 9/16 ” – and works with the most common types of skateboards.
  • A 1/2 ” socket is used to tighten or loosen the wheels, while a 9/16 ” socket will help you replace or replace your truck.
  • Finally, the 3/8 ” socket ” makes tightening the deck bolts easier.
  • Premium skate tools come with a 5/16 ” alignment cord that allows you to rearrange your axes whenever the nuts do not fit.

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