7 Best Longboard Skateboard For Beginners (Tested And Review)

A longboard is the best Intimidating sport for beginners teenagers. Plus, a longboard is a durable, more affordable, and reliable entertaining sport product. Most beginners’ kids, adults, and teenagers take the skateboard that appeals to them without searching for the details. This mentality may lead you to purchase a product that isn’t suitable for you.

So, this best longboard skateboard for beginners guide will give you an idea of which brands to trust and which features you’ll require for skateboarding that entertains the younger and develops their balance and motor skills.

No doubt these are top-rated good skateboards for beginners. Still, you are so confused because of the wide variety of the products offered to you. So, we will recommend our two favourite Longboards for Beginners, which are “MBS All-Terrain” and ” Junli 41 Inch Freeride” longboards. These have an affordable price tag and excellent characteristics, as well as both longboards, have good speed. You will be totally satisfied with the stability and comfortable riding.

Have a look at 7 Best Longboard Skateboard For Beginners 2023

Here we enlisted some of our best longboard skateboards for Beginners with positive and negative aspects. So keep scrolling down and choose the best one according to your needs.

1) MBS All Terrain Longboard – For Adult


MBS All Terrain Longboard – For Adult

The Atom all-terrain longboard will get you where you want to go and flip a few heads along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned longboarder looking for a new challenging task, a beginner is searching for a board that will roll over anything or a campus cruiser who really doesn’t feel like walking whenever the pavement ends and the dirt begins. So this is the best choice for teenage beginners.

Better Control and stability
The all-terrain longboard has the following features: 100mm x 65mm wheels are cast using 78A super-high-rebound urethane for a perfect blend of speed and traction. It also features 190mm Navigator Drones trucks for precise turning. These features give you smooth and speedy riding on any type of surface.

 Sturdy Deck
If you are looking for a hard and strong grips deck for pushing and off-roading. This is the best board for you. Its durable maple-lam Drop deck keeps your centre of gravity low.

 Smooth Riding
You will enjoy smooth and fast riding with their ABEC 9 bearings that are rubber protected. Plus, this ensures that it’s the best board for trucks and tricks and runs spinning smoothly on any surface.

Its bamboo wood construction with multiple wood layers makes it extremely durable for any ride. It ensures its high durability and long-lasting ride use. So, we only say that bamboo with other layers creates the best material that works the best for the strongest strip.

 Completely Assembled
This all-terrain longboard is ready to ride right out of the box.

  • Slides over any surface
  • More stable & comfortable riding experience
  • Solid construction with virtually little flex
  • When compared to the quality, it is reasonably priced.
  • It’s heavy, and stopping it can be difficult.

In short, This is the board for you if you want to ride on crazy-rough concrete and terrain that would ordinarily send you off your board. This longboard can get you where you need to go, whether you’re an experienced longboarder searching for a new challenge or a beginner.

2) Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard – Best For Downhill



This Junli 41-inch skateboard is the best Freeride Longboard Skateboard. It is recommended for riders of all ages, including children. It has a magnificent design that will capture the interest of both you and your children right away. No doubt it will be the best birthday surprise for your little one.

Better Control and Stability
It features flexible PU support pads and very responsive 7-inch Al-alloy trucks, which offer better control and stability for every rider age, whether it’s a beginner or pro rider.

 Sturdy and stable
The deck on this 41-inch longboard is 9.5 inches wide and 41 inches long. This deck is built of cold-pressed 8-ply natural maple and can support a maximum load weight of 330 pounds.

 Durable and speedy wheel
It’s made up of sturdier 70mm x 51mm 80A PU wheels with a rock finish. Moreover, it is also constructed with ABEC-11 high-speed bearings, which helps in fast and instant sliding.

This best freeride board has a large turning radius designed for downhill, fast and freestyle riding. It is ideally suited for sports enthusiasts of all ages. So, choose this confidently with a reasonable price range.

 The Ideal Present
To make disassembly easier, each skateboard comes with an all-in-one t-tool. It is the best gift for your kids and adults as well.

  • Durable and light-weight
  • Easily assembled upon delivery
  • Perfect for downhill rides
  • Suitable for all ages
  • All-in-one T-Tool for quick dismantling
  • Grip for the time being

Overall, this flexible longboard represents excellent value for money. This is the longboard for you if you’re searching for a board that can be utilized for freestyle riding. The Junli 41 Inch Freeride Longboard is also a good option for skaters who are still learning to manage their boards perfectly.

3) INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard – Best For High Speed


INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

This 41 INNOWEIGH longboard skateboard is the best size longboard skateboard for beginners and experts. Due to its low gravity structure, this skateboard is ideal for riding at any speed. Everyone can have a good time and manoeuvre through the crowd on a skateboard. It’s stylish design and sturdy structure will impress you when you ride it for the first time.

Durable Deck
This longboard has a full deck that measures 41 inches long by 9 inches broad. Plus, this board is built of eight layers of cold-pressed natural Northeast maple, ensuring that it is as sturdy as possible.

 Strong Truck
To improve the performance of this model and maximize controllability during operation, it comes with a 7-inch long aluminium alloy truck and an ultra-elastic PU support pad. This amazing functionality can attract skaters to take and ride confidently on the hill down.

 Smooth and Speedy ride
It also has highly stable PU wheels with a PU shock absorption ring which offers smooth and fast riding on rough and plain surfaces. Furthermore, it also has ABEC-11 high-speed bearings for learning new tricks easily.

 Better Control and stability
Its reverse plate design allows users to have a lower centre of gravity, which improves overall stability, and you will feel comfortable while riding.

  • Sturdy and durable structure
  • It is best suitable for riders of all ages.
  • The frosted surface helps to prevent accidents by creating a non-skid effect.
  • Max weight capacity is 330 lbs.
  • Disassembly is facilitated with the use of a T-Tool.
  • As time passes, the board may warp.

So, if you are looking for an amazing longboard that is designed for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding, the INNOWEIGH is the best choice for you. Plus, it will be appropriate for riders of all ages and skill levels. This longboard is still great for anyone looking for all of the advantages of a drop-through with manoeuvrability.

4) ANDRIMAX Skateboards-Complete Skateboards – Best Overall



This 31-inch ANDRIMAX skateboard belongs to the best longboard brands. It is best suited for children of all ages. In addition to its big size, it has a double kicktail shape that provides sufficient space and flexibility for foot placement. And also you will be 100% satisfied by its great performing numerous tricks.

Safe Riding
It is made out of waterproof emery, Non-Slip Grip Tape, ensuring a safe ride. You may effortlessly operate a variety of movements. Plus, You may effortlessly operate a variety of movements.

 Stable and Comfy
It has a durable Al-Alloy Truck that makes riding more stable and comfortable. It also comes with a cold-pressed 7-layer Maple Deck for more comfort and support when riding. So, choose this comfy and affordable longboard quickly for your kids without wasting more time.

 Smooth and speedy
Its 95A high-durability thread wheels are ideal for all types of roads. It has two High-Speed Silence ABEC-11 bearings on its wheels, which provide a smooth and quick ride. These features also support those beginners who have heavyweight and run skateboarding for the first time. It will provide great stability to new riders.

 Advance Skating Tricks
Its Double Warped Design makes more complex skate tricks like Sharp Turns, Pivots, Slides, and Street Skating much easier to execute.

 Eye-Catching Design
Skateboarding lovers and professional skateboarders will appreciate this gift, which will add extra joy to their lives. When you ride it in the community, everyone is attracted to and impressed with your choice.

  • It is strong enough for your kids
  • it’s excellent for beginner tricks and leaps
  • It’s smooth to ride.
  • All age riders can use it easily due to its lightweight
  • Supports up to 220 lbs. of weight
  • Some customers first found the truck quite loose and tightened it before their first ride.

This Andrimax skateboard stands out from the rest with its signature long and wide deck. When doing different tricks, beginners should choose this size longboard skateboard. It is, nevertheless, appropriate for cruising around town.

5) PHOEROS 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard – For All Teenager


PHOEROS 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard – For All Teenager

A 41-inch Phoeros longboard skateboard is the best longboard for cruising. Because they are easy to fit on all types of roads, PHOEROS Skateboards appear to be excellent for both novices and experienced skateboarders. It’s a beautiful design and a big deck with strong foot grips and other characteristics.

Stable and Durable Deck
PHOEROS Skateboards include an 8-layer Canadian Maple deck for improved stability and safety. It can withstand a rider load of up to 330 pounds. Riders will be safer thanks to the Emery Sand Paper which is non-slip and waterproof.

High-speed bearings and a long-lasting wheel
It is constructed with 95A 70mmx51mm High Rebound PU Wheels with Strong Grip and is used on PHOEROS Longboard Skateboards. Plus, these skateboard wheels include a high-speed silent ABEC-11 bearing that glides smoothly and quickly.

Safe and Comfy Riding
Phoeros Skateboard features a thicker painting Al-alloy truck with a high-rebound PU damping system, which provides riders with a more secure and comfortable ride.

Ideal for Kids and adults.
This 41-inch Skateboard is a great gift idea for kids, teens, and adults. Take advantage of our cool skateboards and go for a great workout.

No need to assemble
Phoeros Longboard Skateboards come to be Assembled and ready to use.

  • Max load 330 lbs.
  • Fit for Adults and Kids Beginners as well as Professional Skaters
  • Use for all types of roads.
  • All-in-one T-Tools Kit.
  • Flexible turning without wiping the board.
  • Only children over the age of five should use it.

So, If you want to ride safely, Phoeros is the best and finest choice for you. Due to its PU flashing wheel, it makes riding in the dark more fun and safer. It’s also ideal for more intermediate skate tricks, including sharp spins, slides, and pivots, as well as simple street skating.

6) Atom Drop Deck Longboard – Premium Pick


Atom Drop Deck Longboard – Premium Pick

This 39-inch Atom Drop Deck Longboard is the best longboard for cruising. Its big deck gives more stability, which is crucial for a beginner rider. Moreover, All of the board’s attachments assure excellent quality and performance. So, choose this board for your children as an entertaining sport.

Durable and Stable
It has a drop-down deck that measures 9.5×39 inches. The huge deck is laminated with a photo heat transfer graphic. Plus, Its maple deck is tough enough to endure significant pressure from bumpy or uneven terrain.

 Better Control and Stability
This longboard works well with a 50-degree base and 180mm hanger trucks. Plus, its Reverse kingpin configuration was used to connect them. It has enabled the truck to absorb bumps and cracks caused by the uneven surface.

 Smooth & Speedy Ride
Its board is equipped with 70x51mm polyurethane wheels, ensuring its speed and strength. In addition, It has a high-quality ABEC-9 stainless steel bearing that allows it to accelerate at a rapid rate.

Best for skateboarders of all ages
This skateboard provides a smooth and comfortable ride, making it the finest longboard for riders of all skill levels.

  • It is light in weight
  • It will provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • A 50-degree baseplate provides decent balance capabilities.
  • Excellent turning performance and manoeuvrability.
  • Lubrication is required for the bearing and turning joints.

Overall, the Atom Long Drop Through longboard is the best board for cruising, freestyle, and downhill. Pick up this longboard if you’re serious about longboarding and want to make your journey more joyful. Plus, This will also help keep your body fit in simple and entertaining ways.

7) QingAn 41-Inch Longboard Skateboard – Best For Kids


QingAn 41-Inch Longboard Skateboard – Best For Kids

QingAn Longboard skateboard is also the best skateboard for cruising. It is ideal for guys in their early adolescent years. It is made up of strong metal trucks that are both sturdy and reliable. Thus making it ideal for both pros and beginners.

Stable and Study Deck
Its full-size design is 41 x 9.5 inches and is built of 8-ply natural maple. Although, It can sustain a maximum weight of 220 pounds. Plus, This amazing longboard is great for beginners and pros alike who want to learn some basic stunts and tricks.

 Safe Skating
This natural maple wood skateboard has a high density and an emery non-slip surface for a more solid and forceful grip when skating.

A smooth and quick ride
It comes with ultra-smooth (70x50mm) anti-shock PU wheels that help riders dust, stone, downhills, grass, and any type of uneven surface. Plus, it also has a high degree ABEC-7 bearing of Chrome steel and super soft bushings for a smooth ride.

Study Truck
This skateboard comprises high-quality thick metal trucks with a 7″ heavy-duty Al-alloy axle, making it dependable and strong.

The best present for you
This will make the ideal present for your loved ones. Furthermore, the kit includes a skate T-Tool. That’s ensuring you have everything you need to repair or tighten up your skateboard.

  • Ideal for beginners and professionals.
  • Supports up to 220 pounds
  • Lightweight with a shock absorber ring ensures smooth riding.
  • Disassemble T-Tool kits with everything you need.
  • It isn’t always robust enough.

The QingAn 41-inch downhill longboard is a fantastic option whether you’re new to downhill skating or just want to keep things simple. This longboard is also suitable for novices or anyone who wants to progress from cruising to downhill racing.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the best longboard skateboard for Beginners that will be helpful when you face any issue while skateboarding.

Is a longboard a good choice for beginners instead of a skateboard?
A drop-through longboard is a great option for those who love riding with style. No doubt it’s the most comfortable board for everyone, whether beginners or pro skaters. This offers great stability due to its bamboo and fibreglass construction, making it durable.
Moreover, if we talk about its big size deck that is 32 inches to 42 inches long, that standard size is the most popular in the market, and we highly recommend it for newbies of all sizes. The perfect length of popular skateboards is just right for learning new tricks.

Which Is Better to Learn a New Trick Longboard Or Skateboard?
We have the best answer if you are confused about the longboard vs. skateboard selection here. Actually, a longboard highly recommends learning new trucks and tricks easily and quickly because of its comfort, wide deck, and all of the skills used to skateboard like turning, pumping, strength and balancing.
Here are we recommend the best longboard for beginners are

  • QingAn Longboard Skateboard
  • Atom Drop Deck Longboard
  • ANDRIMAX Skateboards-Complete

These are the very easiest longboard skates to learn, and you will never be confused about how to longboard quickly without getting proper training from experts.

Why do you buy a longboard?
Here we explain two main reasons why you buy a longboard. The main reason is cruising and the second is transportation. Basically, a longboard is specially designed with pure perfection and a solid structure that gives you perfect street riding for a long time. Its comfy and stylish shapes and flex6 truck with soft and durable wheels make every ride enjoyable. Plus, it’s easy to manoeuvre even on a rougher surface.
Moreover, a longboard is easy to push and best for carving and cruising. An asymmetrical mount deck design is the best choice for longer trips.
Plus, a longboard is amazing for long-distance ridings like downhills, schools, shopping malls, and more.

What does longboard freestyling mean?
Longboard freestyling is the most amazing acrobatic stunt, ride styling, and tricks. Freestyling means riding with constant spinning and flipping tricks. You may have seen street skateboarding with high-speed and spin-moving stunts in different movies and shows. This is Specially designed for stunts, which is why freestyle longboarding has a less aggressive and more stylish touch than a simple skateboard.

How to make stability and perfect balance on a longboard?
If you are a beginner, do you really need to know how to longboard for beginners? And how to make a stable position on a longboard. So, here is a trick to maintain stability is that your right back foot should be about perpendicular to the deck. And your front foot is slightly angled with the deck 45º angle. So, now Bend your knees and lean forward. Now you can get a stable and balanced position on the longboard.
Thus, we say that a longboard is not hard to ride. You can enjoy riding comfortably with it.
Remember, before running a longboard, you must learn how to keep a well-balanced ride and learn to brake, learn to push, lean to turn, and whether longboarding will be hard or easy for you to start.


I have mentioned all characteristics of each product. So, we hope you will easily select your best longboard skateboard for beginners without any confusion. Moreover, in the end, we only say that a longboard is not only a means to buy long travel transportation, but it’s also fun and the best entertainment for youngsters. So, adding this to a sports hobby will help interestingly improve mental and physical health.

If you still have a budget issue and want to achieve your riding goal with the best freeride longboard, then choose these overall best longboards ” PHOEROS And Atom longboard.” These are highly durable and reliable products with reasonable prices in the market today.

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