Complete Skateboard Or Custom? Which Should Buy (Full Guide)

Skateboarding is fun for thrill-seekers and adventurers who have honed and mastered their riding skills over the years. As a beginner, it’s essential to know how to ride a skateboard and buy a skateboard that suits your style and needs.

The first phase of a new hobby is exciting. However, there are often many options, and careful beginners may not always know the best way. After all, what works best may not be the case for a long time. This also applies to the purchase of the first “real” skateboard. You may want to buy one of the real full-fledged programs you first saw but think long. After all, this is the board you are proud of. Get up and learn.

But let’s simply lay it out so you can decide whether to buy a complete skateboard or custom skateboard.

What is a complete skateboard?

A complete skateboard is fully assembled and ready to use with all the parts and components you need. Includes a deck with tape, two trucks attached, and two sets of four wheels that are attached and ready to roll. A complete skateboard is the best choice for beginners and adults. And these are the most demanding products in the market today. Ok, most top skateboards “The Beleev complete skateboard and WhiteFang complete skateboard” we recommend to any type of rider they give you a smooth and perfect ride on any surface.

Reasons for buy a complete skateboard or Custom skateboard

The main reason is that most people purchase complete skateboards because it’s like buying a fully decorated room or house. Additionally, it is best for newbies; its price is almost $100.

That’s the beauty of a perfect table. A product looks like this, goes like this, and you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy it. It may be tempting to buy the finished product from scratch for those who like convenience. It is of particular interest to anyone purchasing a longboard they want to use for navigating the city or school campuses.

Finding the same components as a pre-built skateboard can be difficult, but the finished product is often less expensive. You can gradually increase it. Buy wheels that fit your style first, or buy a better truck.

Reason to avoid a complete skateboard

Not all prebuilt installations feature a high-quality hard maple wood deck for ideal flexibility, impact resistance, and durability when it comes to deck quality.

They are traditionally made of aluminum, steel, brass, and other metals, but significant quality differences exist between all current commercial models.

Wheels can also be a problem. Rebound properties and weight always play an essential role, as polyurethane materials vary from brand to brand.

A complete skateboard usually does not have optional components such as shock pads. Therefore, even if you use a soft bushing, you may not get a smooth ride. It’s easily pre-built and you are just ready to go without needing further assembly.

What is a custom skateboard?

Custom skateboards are skateboards purchased in separate parts and are ultimately added by the person or whom the parts were purchased. Custom boards differ from full boards in that the complete board is pre-assembled from the purchase or the manufacturer. The customer skateboards are the best choice for Pro and experienced riders. They require some assembly sometimes that will be complicated how to joints its parts and how they give you a smooth and balanced ride. It’s only made for those who have a technical mind and are expert skaters.

Reasons to buy a custom skateboard?

Comfort comes from knowing that you chose your job yourself and with the help of an expert. Complete skateboards come with all the selected details, and you don’t have the freedom to try them out directly, but with a custom skateboard, all these questions are taken care of.

Custom boards don’t just show you the style and creative aspects of choosing the best design. You can also use it to increase range and comfort.

Custom boards are expensive due to the quality of the material. Don’t be cheap. Your security is very important. Also, customizing the board to fit your body size is a big reason to buy a custom skateboard.

Reason to avoid a Custom skateboard

The main reason to avoid buying a custom skateboard is its cost. The average cost of a custom skateboard is more than $200. This allows you to add many unique custom ideas and designs. Of course, parts selection can be more expensive than purchasing a pre-assembled unit. However, you can set your budget. The other is that a beginner rider whether it’s a boy or a girl may face difficulties in assembly. For basic tricks, we only recommend choosing a pre-assembled skateboard.

Complete Vs. Custom Skateboard

Asking if you want to buy a complete skateboard or build a custom model is like asking if you want to buy your dress from the shelves.

You can’t simply compare the two.

Complete skateboards are mass-produced with affordable components for various consumer markets.

Custom skateboards are tailored to the skateboarder’s individual tastes and riding styles.

So, of course, a well-designed custom board is a better board. This fits perfectly.

But many don’t know what their riding style is or the components needed to “correct” a skateboard, especially when they first start.

This makes a complete skateboard an ideal entry point.

Some cruiser skateboarders find that pre-made boards do everything they need and don’t need to upgrade to custom boards.

If you’re considering a full-on skateboard, a full-on skateboard is probably fine for immediate purposes.


Are complete skateboards good?

The answer is “yes,” a complete skateboard is good, as long as you get additional information about each component assembled in the setup.

The second-best option in your budget is the CCS Complete skateboard. This is one of the most recommended finishes by skateboarders. Once you start smashing the pavement, you should probably find a better truck. The coolest Skateboard also is the best option if you are a good skater.

Should I buy a complete skateboard or a custom?

The short and correct answer is to buy a complete skateboard. But if you need a skateboard specially made for a particular type of skate, then making your own skateboard is recommended.

Is it cheaper to build a skateboard or buy a complete one?

A complete skateboard is cheaper than building a skateboard; the average cost of a complete skateboard is almost $100. Also, beginners are strongly encouraged to purchase the complete. Pre-assembled boards are inexpensive and often a better option for new skaters.

On the other hand, building a skateboard costs $130 to $150. Of course, you can push those prices up by buying the best of each skateboard component. However, some bearings can cost hundreds of dollars.

For ideal cost to build a skateboard component is under

Deck – $40 to $90

Bearings – $10 to $30

Trucks – $30 to $50

Wheels – $20 to $35

Hardware – $5 to $10

Grip Tape – $10 to $20

Therefore, if you already have a skateboard, make sure the bearings, wheels, trucks, and bushings are suitable. If so, you just need to buy a new deck and some holding tape.

Is building your own skateboard easy?

It depends on the nature; whether you’re building an entire skateboard with different brands or just replacing specific parts, use a few tools such as hex wrenches, socket wrenches, and general-purpose skateboarding tools to build your skateboard. Easy to build. Customizing regular boards, longboards, and penny boards is relatively easy. You just need a little bit of a guide on how to assemble the parts of a skateboard and which parts you need to install on your board according to your weight, age, and experience.

Where to buy a good skateboard?

Another common question that everyone needs to know is a complete and custom skateboard you can buy from any nearest sports shop or children’s toy shop where you can find small skateboards for kids, beginners girls, and boys. You can also buy from online stores.

A famous one is the Amazon online store where you can see a huge range of skateboards in different design sizes and prices. Different popular brands sell their products through Amazon and we have also enlisted all types of skateboard beginners to pro kids and adults in our previous articles.

You can see our best skateboard for beginners guide where we enlisted our top-rated and most affordable skateboards for you. Amazon is a trusted and well-known online store where you can also see huge positive ratings from buyers and get public reviews all around the world.


Both complete skateboards and custom skateboards are suitable for the location, but complete skateboards are available at a low price. It should be suitable for those who are new to skateboarding. They start with an essential service so that cheap skateboards can do their job. And more importantly, beginners know nothing about the correct part and value. Those who want to participate in the competition and pass through the pebbles and rocks can skateboard. But its cost is high, and it takes time and effort to shape it.

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