What Is Difference Between Longboard And Skateboard (Full Guide)

Hey there, if you’re someone who loves cruising around town or performing tricks on a board, you may have heard of the two popular types of boards – longboards, and skateboards. While both may seem similar at first glance, there are some key differences between the two that are worth exploring. As someone who’s personally tested both types of boards, I can tell you that understanding these differences can help you choose the right board for your riding style and preferences. So, in this article, let’s dive into the difference between longboard and skateboard and help you make an informed decision about which board is right for you.

Different Types Of Skateboards


Regular skateboards (skate decks) are designed to do tricks. They are not designed to help you navigate any important distance. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t go far. You will be spending more energy pushing than you can use a cruiser or longboard.


When we say cruiser skateboard, we mean a skateboard meant to cross a fast distance. These are designed to go beyond the ski resort and learn new tricks. This is usually a set board that the person recording the video skateboard clips can use as their setting. Pushing slowly means you can focus more on what you are recording.


The longboard is what you think it is. It’s a long skiboard. The longboard has the same riding experience on the ice board without slipping smoothly on the ice. I would say it is the same with the passenger board. This is not designed to do the same tricks you would do on a regular ski board in a ski park. They are designed for walking distances and can travel faster with less power than setting a cruiser skateboard.

What is the Difference Between Cruisers, Longboards, and Skateboards?

Some people only want to learn basic tricks and enjoy the ride a lot with fun moving ways. Many use the board as a means of transportation.

There is a common misconception when it comes to skateboards. People believe that a deck with wheels is a skateboard, but today, there are many types of wheels.

Old school skateboard boards offer the simplicity of a wooden deck with strong wheels, while some sailors and longboards have gained popularity over the years due to their unique designs and features. Therefore, the following should help:

Longboard: This board is created for long distances and great comfort. Less portable but relaxing on a long ride. Not suitable for learning basic tricks or fast rides.

Cruiser: this is specially designed for short distances. It feels more comfortable, but it needs better balance. It has a light-hearted kicking tail and simple handmade tips.

Skateboard: Finally, the one board is designed specifically for tactics, any type of tricks, speed, and showing your skills. Not ready for straight travel.

Most suitable skateboards have double kicks, which means they lift the front of the end and back, unlike a rear-tailed cruiser, in that case. In addition, cruisers and longboards have improved stability due to the higher elevation and larger, softer wheels. These wheels keep the passenger safe in the event of a slight obstacle.

If you are calm, the level ride is the next, and the biggest choice is the longboard versus the cruiser. Tall boards resemble cruisers, except their height makes balancing easier but a little stronger. Long, straight walks and longboards are great. If you make any changes in your daily commute, consider a cruiser.

What Do These Boards Look Like?

While the different types of swing boards have their purpose and features, there are many features that they share.

The first thing to remember is that the parts used to make skateboards are very similar in construction and different materials depending on the model itself.

One very important thing, no matter what skateboard you buy, one very important thing is to go to a professional skateboarding shop.

Avoid toy stores at all costs because they are not made of quality materials that should be made of boards, and consider the possible damage and possible damage when learning how to slide. Buying from a professional slide shop will reduce the risk of long-term damage.

When purchased at a skate shop, the board is more likely to stay in one piece and will last much longer than those found in toy stores.

Features To Be Noticed

Deck Specs

There is very little difference when it comes to longboard decks vs. skateboard vs. cruiser. Below are some common features.


Length: 34 ″ – 46 ″

Width: 8.5 “- 10”

The first thing you will notice is that the longboard is obviously large in size.

Because the boards are so long, they have large tire bases, which extend from one truck to another. The long wheelbase makes the ride more stable at high speeds, and the carving is not as fast. Depending on the model, flex is another feature of the longboards that you do not get on skateboards and (usually) not on cruisers.


Length: 31 ″ – 33 ″

Scope: 7.25 “- 8.5”

Skateboards will range anywhere from 31-33 inches and are approximately 7.25 to 8.5 inches wide. I think I started at 7.25 when I was younger, but when I realized I liked skiing as a vessel with small pipes, I only found something more than 8 inches. They obviously have a kicktail and a very aggressive nose because they are designed to do tricks. They have a small concave, but the distinguishing feature is that they have a very sharp kicktail and nose.


Length: 28 “- 34”

Range: 8 ″ – 10 ″

Cruisers range from 28 to 34 inches and are usually 8 to 10 inches wide. They are a mix between a skateboard and a longboard.

Lowkey kick tails and some kind of nose are common among sailors, so you can do some tricks if you want.


There are two common types of long-haul trucks, skateboards, and cruisers, which are

  • Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • Traditional Kingpin Trucks

The longboard Trucks are usually reversible kingpins to the left of the picture above. They are more distorted than traditional kingpins, which you will find on skateboards and many sailors.

There are many different features between RKP and TKP, but to put it simply, the RKPs are usually very fast and very good at recording.

Although TKPs are low on the ground, they are lightweight and good at grinding. TKPs are commonly found on skateboards and cruisers, but some sailors have RKP trucks.


Generally, the cruiser has softer and wider wheels with standard wheel width size 78a-85a compared to skateboard wheels width 95a-101a. If the tire is soft, it is best to walk on the road because it absorbs stones and cracks easily.

It’s Easy to Understand, isn’t it?

If you ride your board on a rock with a soft tire, it will pull harder than a solid tire.

Smaller and stronger wheels help to ride easily on any toughest surfaces. And makes it stronger for power slides.  They will give you a tough time if you get a tire bite after getting a trick.

Cruiser wheels have similarities to longboard and skateboard wheels. Cruiser wheels are a little smaller than longboard wheels and are softer than skateboard wheels.


Choosing between the two can be difficult, and it often comes down to something as simple as your situation or the type of place you want to go. If you are in the process of making ollies and kicktail tricks, you may be very interested in riding a Cruiser. If you are in the process of diving into deep water, you will probably want to Longboard. If you want your combination of both, there are even Longboards with soft kick tails of a good hybrid style.

You can ride the same spot with a Longboard or Cruiser, and you’ll have an amazing time with both! To give you an analogy, consider choosing Longboard, and come across a place that can be very nice on the kickboard. This is where art comes in because you find out where your longboard shines or outside its element.

Or let’s say you chose a Cruiser, and you came across the most amazing set of hairpin corners ever in the history of corners. You may feel frustrated by choosing a Cruiser instead of a Longboard, but if you trust your board and keep an open mind, you will have an amazing time on that hill with your Cruiser. It is easy to convince yourself that you have chosen the wrong board from time to time. This is where you will want to find out how to use your boards for unique features to your advantage. This is a very rewarding process because it will help you to become a better athlete and differentiate your riding styles.

The Last Thought

Now that you know the differences between the types of skateboarding we have discussed, you should ask yourself what you want to hear when it comes to skateboarding so that you know which board is right for you. The good news is that skateboarding is fun no matter what type of board you choose!

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