8 Best Skateboard Brand For Beginners | Bought & Tested

Yeh, it’s an awesome feeling when you’re ready to learn about the best skateboard companies.
Before learning the best skateboard brand for beginners, You must have basic knowledge about maintaining balance on a skateboard and flat-ground tricks. These basics every beginner should know and where to start.

We guide you properly here if you prefer to ride in a street or a park. You need a standard-size skateboard with a double deck like a cruiser, or a longboard is a great option.
Here are the top 8 great options you can grab right now according to your needs.

Still, sometimes, as during a pandemic, you just can’t decide which is best for you. So with the help of our experts, we’ve put together our two favorite skateboards: ” Aceshine And ToyerBee. These are the best overall product in the market and will help you perfect your new hobby.

Before reading skateboard product description Let’s take a look at some of the best skateboard brands below.

Beginner Skateboards Brands 2023

Skateboarding is the most popular sport activity for everyone. That’s why in 2025, a global skateboard market will reach 170 million US(United States) dollars. And China is the biggest supplier globally, and the United States is the largest consumer as well. Adult teenagers, men’s and women’s are the largest shares in beginners skateboards.

The rumble, positive, and power golden are the most famous top skateboard brands that perform amazing brand representation with beautiful art with amazing deck sizes.
No doubt it’s an amazing sport and transportation type for students with fun and freedom.
You can buy your first skateboard effortlessly if you read this guide properly. Enjoy your first ride with freedom.
If You don’t want to look over functionality. But pay attention to the right deck shape, the deck, wheel size, and material as well.

Top Skateboard Brand of 2023

Here are some best brands for skateboarding are

Plan B Skateboards

Plan b skateboard is one of the best brands that is situated in California, USA. It was created in 1991 by Brian Johnson, Mike Turansky, and Jackson Kontzer. The main purpose of this company is to produce high-level skateboards with different skate accessories. These also deal with sports apparel like jackets, jeans, and jumpers.

Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop is a small skateboarding company, but if you see its huge versatility in skateboardING and sports items created by a great passionate team. In 1090, Mike Hill, Chris Carter, and Neil Blender introduced this brand.

Even after some brief changes in ownership and others, the brand grew business with passion. This brand produced different ranges of skates in different design styles and materials products. Even this offers complete boards and parts for customizing. You can also buy alien workshops mimicking deck designs with different accessories like patches, pins, candles, stickers, etc. All these things help to create an alien devotion.

Blind Skateboards

In 1989, blind skateboards were created by Mark Gonzales. These are the most comfortable different-sized deck boards suitable for pro and beginners. This brand has been familiar in the market for a limited time due to its fantastic structure and firm grip with attractive design. This is one of the best affordable skates with superior quality of the boards. Every skater was impressed with its durability and design.
When you visit the market to buy the best skateboard brand for beginners, you will definitely introduce blind skateboards. This is the best alternative for transportation. And most pro skaters prefer it because it suits all levels of riders.

Enjoi Skateboards

The next best one is the Enjoi skateboard. This brand was created in 2000 by Rodney Mullen and distributed by Dwindle Distributions. This is new in the market, but everyone is impressed with its durability. That’s why this is quickly gaining reputation through their favorite products. Enjoi Skateboards fairly comes under the heading of best skateboard brands. It has the capability to give the best ride to every level of riders and assures its exceptional quality.

The biggest hand in its popularity is digital marketing. Enjoi mainly introduced beginners level skates with safety items to save serious injuries.

Powell Skateboards

Powell skateboard brands were created in the 1970s. This is the most popular and most demanding product in the market. That’s why this is a must in the best skateboard brand list usually. This is upgrading Their products day by day, and all are assured about durability and reliability to Their customers with guarantees.
Actually, this is one of the oldest skateboard brands, and Their expert team works hard to create unique and likable products in the market. You will enjoy your first ride with a Powell skateboard without any hesitation. It offers friendly environments with a strong grip and smooth wheels.

Have a look at Top 8 Best Skateboard Brands For Beginners 2023

Here are our top 8 best skateboard brands for beginners. Scroll down and read comprehensive reviews of each product.

1. 31″ x 8″ Complete PRO Skateboard – Gift for Kids Youths


The aceshine is the most familiar and trusted skateboard brand in the market today. This standard skateboard is suitable for beginner kids and adults for learning easy skateboard tricks or applying special stunts as well. It has a sturdy structure and comes with a grip tape that delivers a secure and forceful hold during skating.

Durable Deck
Its deck is 31 inches longer and 8 inches wider. Plus, it is highly composed of 9-ply maple hard rock. Due to its durable structure, it can withstand rider weight up to 220 lbs.

Sturdy wheel with high-speed bearing
It has ultra-smooth wheels with PU bushings & ABEC-7 bearings, allowing you to cruise around towns or the countryside easily. Thus you can roll over rugged surfaces easily.

Stable Performance
Their truck is durable because it is made of solid seagull aluminium. Riser pads are also present on this truck which helps to reduce vibration during skating and gives you a more stable and surf-like ride.

Attractive Design
These 31-inch standard skateboards are available in different designs and colours. You can pick according to your mood. There is printed street graffiti art on the top of the skateboard, making it more attractive for its lover.

Best for Advanced Tricks
The Best skateboard brand for beginners for doing some professional stunts such as 360° as well as OL action. Another fantastic thing about it is that it can easily be used on the sidewalk, Skate Park, or the street. Plus, you can easily roll over pebbles and cracks.

  • Smooth & safe riding
  • Ideal for tricks
  • Durable & lightweight body
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Suitable for all skaters
  • Some users have reported its grip tape, which rips after moderate use.

Aceshin Pro Skateboard is the right choice if you’re seeking a high-rated skateboard manufactured with the highest quality materials. This concave-shaped board is regarded as the best for performing fundamental tricks such as 360, OL action, and basic skateboard moves.

2. 31’ ToyerBee Skateboard Skateboards – Best with Repair Kit for Sports & Outdoors


ToyerBee skateboards are available in a standard size for all skateboard fans. Its mild concave design is excellent for practicing basic moves, trolling, and spinning, especially for beginners. Now we’ll talk about the features that make it easy for you to choose it.

Attractive & durable design
This skateboard features a 31-inch full-size board with a very mild concave design that aids beginners in doing basic tricks. This board is also available in a variant design. Plus, the heat transfer printing pattern onboard has enhanced the visibility of the black & white graffiti. There are three layers of eco-friendly paint, which prevent paint fading.

Sturdy Deck
This skateboard is composed of 9-layer Canadian maple, making it more durable. It can support a rider’s weight of up to 220lbs. The best thing about the Toyebee skateboard is that it can be used on the street, in skate parks, on-ramps, in pools, and on other smooth or uneven surfaces.

Smooth and high-speed Riding
The skateboard gives you smooth riding with high speed. It has four anti-shock and anti-abrasive wheels that are super soft. Plus, ABEC-7 high-speed precision bearings and PU bushings ensure a smooth and fast ride.

The Best Gift for You
A free gift is included with this board. You will receive the skateboard completely assembled when you purchase it, even with a repair kit. When you open the package, you’ll get a Multifunctional wrench as well as two-wheel screws and two truck screws.

  • Very affordable
  • High-quality ride
  • Best suited for adults and children
  • Truck with riser pads for stable riding
  • It can be used for more advanced skate skills
  • Suitable for kids ages 6 to 12.
  • Use on smooth and rough surfaces
  • No Assembly required
  • Not suitable for cruising.

This skateboard is the most affordable choice for getting the best outcomes for your children. The best part about this skateboard is that it comes with a 3-year guarantee and a response time of fewer than 24 hours if you have a problem.

3. 31″x 8″ FlyFlash Skateboard – 9 Layer Maple Double Kick Deck 


FlyFlash skateboarding is best for beginner girls and boys. Its advanced features force riders to prefer it over other brands. Due to its flexibility, you can apply different skateboarding tricks easily and quickly. Even kids and young adults find it easy due to its fimility and performance. No doubt it’s the Best skateboard deck brand with excellent functionality and features available at a reasonable price tag.

Excellent Design
This complete standard skateboard is very lightweight. The deck of this skateboard is made of 9 layers of solid maple and is sturdy enough for advanced skating. It also has a pair of 5′ reinforced aluminium trucks that help maintain the balance. It has a 220-pound weight-bearing capability.

Smooth & Speedy
This skateboard is best for smooth riding because of its smooth and fast wheel. This anti-shock wheel of size 55 mm is made of high rebound polyurethane, also equipped with ABEC-3 high-speed bearing, which keeps the wheel rolling smoothly.

Best for skateboard Tricks
It’s a wonderful fit for all types of tricks and cruising on varying street surfaces, skate parks, pools, ramps, and any other type of play area. These dual tail plates with a 30° slant and anti-slip surface are suitable for essential skill activity.

Skateboard with Repair Kit
This skateboard comes with a repair kit that includes a multipurpose wrench, two large screws, and four little screws. This skateboard is a great present for beginner boys and girls. In short, you have a complete skateboard, ready to use and ride.

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for basic skill action
  • Strong frame structure
  • Anti-slip surface
  • come fully assembled
  • Easy to carry
  • The deck was simply covered by the plastic seal, leaving the trucks & wheels free.

If you want an affordable and flexible skateboard that offers better skating skills, FlyFlash Skateboard is the best selection. Overall, I believe this is one of the most user-friendly skateboards. It has high-quality parts that riders of all ages will enjoy skating with comfort.

4. 31 x 8-inch Skateboards – Cheap Value


BYSDA’s complete standard skateboard is of the highest quality. This skateboard is so versatile that riders of all classes can use it. It is the perfect skateboard for both beginners and children. You may buy it, and your children will be able to ride it just as effortlessly as you.

Double Kick Concave Design
This skateboard features a double Kick concave design. Its full size has a 31″×8″ dimension. This concave design helps to learn skateboard tricks professionally.

Best for heavy rider
Its deck is also composed of 7 layers of hard Canadian maple, making it more durable and sturdy. Due to its durable design, it can withstand heavy loads up to 300 lbs.

High-Speed Wheels
This EX Pro skateboard also offers high-speed riding with 52 mm 95A PU wheels. These super smooth wheels are also equipped with ABEC-9 bearing and PU bushing, which let you enjoy smooth riding with fun.

Safe and Stable riding
Its durable truck comes with riser pads for stable riding. Plus, it comes with high-density non-slip Emery grip tape, which makes your riding safe; thus, you feel free during skateboarding.

Best Gift for you
These skateboards come complete thus no need to assemble them. These are the perfect gift for your kids as well.

  • Stable and free to operate
  • Offers better balancing
  • Easy to control for beginners
  • Budget-friendly
  • No assembly required
  • Some users Reported issues about wood splitting after its use.

How to do skateboard tricks if you are a heavy rider, BYSDA skateboard is the best option. Its wide deck is just perfect for heavy riders and also for beginners. Its unique style is attractive and durable. You can buy confidently any sports shop easily.

5. 31 inch Dream beauty Pro Skateboard – Best For All Age


The 31-inch Dreambeauty skateboard lets you easily ride ramps. It’s a full-featured board that performs admirably in any situation. The speed of the Dreambeauty Pro Skateboard is the first thing that stands out. It comes with ABEC 11 bearings, ensuring rapid but safe rides for novices.

Double Kick Concave Design
Its double kick tail concave form provides you with more control during skating. Plus, it will allow you to do more tricks and break your ride easily. As a result, you can demonstrate your skating skills anywhere at any time. It’s also suitable for skaters of any ability level.

Authorized for safety
This 31-inch full skateboard is stable enough. It has a robust 7-layer double kick maple body. Its long-lasting deck features a full-cover high-density waterproof Emery-paper surface that delivers a secure and firm skating grip. This increases the durability of the skateboard and increases your safety while skating.

Smooth and Fast Ride
It has 52mm 88A anti-shock PU wheels that are extremely smooth. And also come with ABEC-7 high-speed bearings plus soft PU bushings, which provide a comfortable ride. You can use it on the street, in skate parks, on-ramps, in pools, and on other smooth or even rugged surfaces.
As you know very well, Tricks performed at a faster tempo have a better chance of succeeding.

No Assembly required
This Dreambeauty 31-inch skateboard comes fully assembled and ready to use. A T-tool was included in the package. You can now enjoy riding your skateboard without needing to make any adjustments.

  • Ensures smooth and fast rides
  • ideal for adult children aged 5 years and up
  • can carry a rider weight upto 440 pounds
  • can be used for all riding style
  • comes complete with a T-tool kit
  • offers after-sales services
  • Damage to the gripping sheet can be seen

If you’re a girl who wants to learn to skate with the best skateboard brand, now is the time to look for the finest skateboard for girl beginners. Dream beauty skateboarding is the best solution in this case. You’ll try a new challenging exercise while training yourself to be more active. This skateboard provides quick but safe rides for beginners, kids, boys, girls, and adults.

6. 31Inch Nattork Skateboard – Premium Choice


The next is Nattork. It’s also the best skateboard brand in the market, with amazing functionality and attractive deck design. The skateboard lover will definitely like this 31-inch Nattork skateboard due to its unique style. This skateboard is available in various design patterns from which you can choose according to your desire. Its cool design configuration also helps skill players to master new skating tricks with fun.

Durable and Sturdy
These 31-inch skateboards are 8 inches wider and much more durable due to their 9 layer of Canadian maple. It also has a durable truck of 5 inches made of magnesium alloy. Thus it provides a better balance between durability and weight. Due to its durable structure, it can easily withstand the weight of a rider upto 330 lbs.

Smooth & Speedy
Its polyurethane wheels with ABEC-11 provide a smooth and speedy riding experience. It also provides better balance control and shock absorbance effect, ideal for skateboarders. You can easily ride on smooth and rough surfaces.

Unique Graphic Design
To make the design more obvious and realistic, Nattork uses thermal transfer instead of stickers. This innovative design caters to a wide range of stylistic requirements. That’s why this skateboard is appealing to both girls and boys.

Best for All
These double kick concave skateboards are perfect for all riders, from beginners to pros. Even children may easily manage the skateboard’s sliding direction by exercising balance.

  • Suitable for any level of riders
  • Durable structure for heavy rider
  • Provide free after-sale services
  • Anti-abrasive wheels
  • Included Repair Kit plus carrying bag
  • No Assembly required
  • Some users reported Truck issues.

Needed here, Skateboard is the best choice for new users who have no experience with skateboarding as it gives you a more stable ride. Its cool design and good quality structure attract everyone. The most amazing thing about this is that it comes with a repair kit that includes the necessary tool. Furthermore, if you still need any suggestions and help, they will also provide after-sale services.

7. 31 Inch EOYIZW Skateboards – Best for Teens


EOYIZW Skateboards is a lightweight skateboard for beginners In 2023. The EOYIZW brand decided to upgrade the skateboard deck from the previous 8-layer maple to the 9-layer maple to offer beginners a better experience. Its top makes the deck more study and enhances its elasticity.

Durable Deck
It boasts a 9-layer maple deck with great flexibility and good impact toughness. It has a 31-inch extended and 8-inch-wide deck. It can support a rider’s maximum load weight of 330 pounds. You can find the best skateboard deck companies in the market, but this one is the best overall due to its size and durability.

High-speed bearings on the wheel
It also includes 95 A PU wheels that are flexible enough to respond to the road quickly. These wheels are also equipped with ABEC-9 precision bearings, which aid in the smooth rotation of the wheels, thus enhancing the skateboarding experience.

Safe and Portable
It also contains non-slip emery grip tape, which adds friction to the grip and aids in learning techniques. It’s quite light, so you can take it with you wherever you go. They provide a backpack for every skateboard, making it easy for you to transport your skateboard.

Improve the Parent-Child Relationship
Skateboarding is a great challenge that helps you appreciate outdoor activities. It is an excellent opportunity for parents to strengthen their parent-child relationship.

No need for assembly.
Skateboards that come completely built are ideal for riding on skate parks, ramps, and even tough terrain. Thus you can Begin your skateboarding adventure at any time.

  • Free backpack
  • Very Lightweight
  • Durable Deck
  • Come in different fashion color
  • Best for beginner
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Some users reported that the board started cracking after moderate use.

EOYIZW Skateboards help beginners to learn How to do an Ollie. It is the best option, especially for parents, to give it as a gift to your child. Thus you can enjoy the parent-child time. At this moment, forget all your worries & just focus on your feet, trying to give your heartbeat to your skateboard.

8. 31×7.88 inch WeSkate Standard Skateboards – Best for Adults


The WeSkate Standard Skateboard is a perfect brand that produces excellent output skateboards specially designed for beginners to practice stunts. Its adaptability and comfortable ride will appeal to beginners, kids, teenagers, and adults. Its smooth wheels are ideal for gripping and smooth-rolling in different areas, including streets, ramps, skate parks, and other smooth surfaces.

Durable Structure
The seven-ply maple veneer deck is one of the skateboard’s features. It’s manufactured with an ingenious veneer press that ensures each layer adheres to the next, resulting in a sturdy board that can sustain a maximum weight of 220 pounds. A firm non-slip grip tape may be found on the top of the deck, which helps in a stable and safe ride.

Smooth & Speedy Ride
It also has soft polyurethane wheels with a strong rebound. They’re ideal for rough surfaces since they keep the skateboard traction. Meanwhile, Abec-7 precise bearings accompany the wheels, which also contribute to the overall smoothness of the performance.

Advance skating Tricks
This skateboard is ideal for beginners and advanced riders who want to try out some professional stunts, including OL actions, 360s, & a few additional basic stunts.

Easy to Carry Around
This complete skateboard is small and light enough to bring wherever you go. It’s also a fantastic and affordable gift idea for your kid or a friend who is celebrating a birthday.

  • Durable Deck
  • It comes in 7 different colors and stylish pattern
  • Double-kick symmetric concave for smoother braking
  • Lightweight
  • Better control and stunts
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Potential durability issues

This is an excellent option to consider if you’re searching for an affordable skateboard that’s suitable for beginners. It measures 31 inches in length and is suitable for children. This will be a lot of fun for little ones who are just learning the basics of skating.

FAQs About Best Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Best brands of Skateboard For Beginners. I hope that will be helpful when buying a skateboard for beginners.

Create a list of the worst skateboard brands.

Here we have created a list of the worst skateboard brands based on deep research on the best skateboard brand for beginners. The reason is only if you are a beginner and have confusion about which board is good to buy. You will know the worst brands to avoid besides the best brands to buy. Below are some cheapest skateboards, including

Here is a shortlist:

  • Converse
  • Walmart
  • Zoo York
  • Airwalk
  • Black Label

What should a beginner skater learn?

The first thing you must know before starting skateboarding is how to push and how to turn. It’s even important for beginners to do tic-tacs and slow down/stop. These tricks help improve your skateboarding skills and help to improve balance with great control.

What are the top skateboard tricks?

The best skateboard tricks for beginners are including

  • Varial heelflip underflip
  • Kickflip 360 truck stand
  • Front foot impossible
  • Half Cab broken fingers
  • 900ans 1260 degree flips
  • 540 Rodeo flip

What are the 3 best and easiest tricks for beginners?

These are tricks every beginner should learn before other tricks.

  • Pop shove-it
  • Nose Ollie
  • Kickflip

The best one is Ollie tricks which are best for children’s elders etc. An average Ollie more than 2 feet may be expected without any talent. A beginner can learn Ollie’s tricks first without any practice according to the height. It depends on rider height. Once you get the height, you may roll over higher things even more easily.

What things should I consider for a cool look on a skateboard?

Before skateboarding, a stylish skater’s cool look matters to attract everyone who looks at you. The eye-catching view gives you more confidence during riding. A comfortable and practical look with stylish accessories is not a big deal. You must need it before riding.

  • A stylish rocking T-shirt
  • It’s best if you choose a hoodie shirt.
  • A cargo/chino pants best match the hoodie
  • Traditional stylish shoes like vans or converse enhance the skater look.
  • Other accessories like logo caps, backpacks, tube socks, wristbands, and headbands give you a more skater-stylish look during skateboarding.

Which is better: loose skate or tight?

If you have experience riding with tight trucks, loosen them and try the smoothness and flow of the skateboard. You will like loose truck riding. Moreover, if you try riding with Loose trucks, it will forgive less-than-perfect landings.
Plus, if you don’t have to tic-tac up to an obstacle, your skating will have an easier, more carefree look.


Overall, all skateboards are the best skateboard brand for beginners in the market. We enlisted these brand skates due to their huge positive review and the reasonable price that every newbie buys with their own pocket money.

No doubt these are all perfect for beginners but still, if you want to know expert recommendations, here our expert skater will recommend ” EOYIZW and Nattork” skateboards for every beginner. These are easily handled and give a comfortable first-riding experience to beginners. These are the top-rated Skateboard brands of 2023.

We hope this best guide will be helpful for every child and teenager who wants to start skateboarding with a basic learning truck with widespread and trusted brand skates. Good Luck!

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