7 Best Skateboard for Beginners Kid 2023 – Tested By Kids

Skateboarding is just for fun and enjoyable activity for all aged kids. It not only improves a person’s sense of balance and control, but it also improves their overall health. So, if you’re a beginner and want to know more about the Best Skateboard for Beginners Kid, keep reading. So, in this article, we’ll assist you and explain why learning new skateboard characteristics are preferable.

Undoubtedly, Skateboarding has become increasingly popular among kids and adults, boys and girls, throughout the years. As a result, the skateboard market offers various options, ranging from the most expensive to the most affordable skateboards. As a beginner, you should purchase appropriate things for your ability level to adapt to them more quickly.

So, here we explain all the features of the best skateboards with their Pros and Cons. Overall our best type of skateboard for beginners is the “Scientoy Skateboard with a complete kit,”. Which has a durable Canadian maple deck and PU wheel with ABEC-7 bearings to provide you with a fast and smooth ride.

Have a look at Top 7 Best Skateboard For Beginners Kid 2023

Before selecting the best one, it would be better to know about the top best skateboards for beginners kids in the market in 2021. Please scroll down and read everything attentively without further hesitation.

1. Scientoy 31″ x 8″ Skateboard Complete Pro – Skateboard for Outdoors


Skateboard Complete Pro - Skateboard for Outdoors

If you’re looking for flexibility and a comfy design, Scientoy may have designed one of the best skateboards for beginner kids. This skateboard will perform wonders for your child, no matter how big, tiny, young, or old they are. It has a double kick concave type that is large enough to aid newcomers in maintaining their balance. It is also fast enough for experienced users.

A well-known Pattern
We used a particular graffiti to make the design more vibrant, and we used three layers of paint to preserve the pattern from being destroyed. By increasing friction, waterproof grip tape can improve skating safety.

Double Warped Design
Riders have complete control over their movements thanks to its U-shaped transverse shape. The skateboard features a kick on its nose and tail, making advanced skate tricks like quick spins, moves, slides, and street skating simple to execute.

Smooth Ride
This skateboard features PU wheels with an ABEC-7 Bearing to provide a smooth ride on any surface. It also consists of an Al Alloy Truck, which gives the skateboard a more stable frame. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert rider, its well-built skateboard design is safe to ride and ideal for every level of rider.

Durable Structure
The skateboard is more durable because of its Canadian maple deck of high-density and Aluminum alloy trucks. These features let you find the appropriate mix of toughness and weight. It can bear a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

Repair kit for skateboards
Skateboarding with a Repair Kit is an excellent approach to maintaining the condition of your skateboard. If your skateboard has minor faults, you can fix it yourself rather than discarding it away or overpaying.

  • Complete 31″ Skateboard
  • 9-layer Maple Wood
  • PU wheel and Al Alloy trucks
  • ABEC-7 Bearings
  • Emery No-slip grip tape
  • Max weight capacity is 220 LBS
  • For children under the age of seven, it may feel a little too big.

If you need a simple and ideal skateboard with all of the features that a skateboard should have. Then Scientoy Skateboard will be the best option. This board excels in every way, from longevity to performance. This is the best skateboard for 8 year old skater. It is simple to use for kids, boys, girls, teens, and adults who want to ride safely and comfortably.

2. 27 Inch Beleev Cruiser Skateboards – All In One Skateboard


27 Inch Beleev Cruiser Skateboards - All In One Skateboard


Beleev Complete Skateboards are made for riding, cruising, and having fun. It is more stable, allowing you to ride with confidence. This skateboard is incredibly light and easy to carry. It comes totally assembled and is thus easy to ride. Due to its design features, you can focus on learning the tricks and techniques of skateboarding. Kids, teenagers, and adults will all enjoy their versatility and smooth ride.

Stable and Durable
The board is composed of 7 layers of flexible and robust Canadian maple wood. It will provide you with comfort and support during riding. It will also ensure that the board does not bend during sliding and braking. It can bear riders up to 220 pounds. It is best suitable for kids, teenagers, and also for adults.

Fast and Smooth Ride
Skateboards are made up of PU wheels. These wheels have soft PU bushing and ABEC-7 bearings, which will make your riding extra enjoyable and smoother. Skateboards with these qualities also provide a carving feeling while cruising for an extended amount of time.

Dual Kick Concave Design
Skateboard tails with a dual kick concave design provide riders with complete control over their movements. You can control its speed and can break easily. It is the best skateboard for Kids and adults. You can execute tricks or turns more quickly. You will definitely enjoy skating.

Heavy Duty and Risk-Free
It features 5-inch thick aluminium alloy trucks. These Trucks can quickly provide a good slide and turn. Riser pads & wheel wells are being used on skateboards to expand the space between the deck and the truck and elevate the board. These features will help to prolong the life of the board deck.

Secure and controllable
Emery non-slip grip tape of high density is installed on the board. For tricks and feats, make sure that your feet are in the feasible optimum posture. Plus, it will help maintain a greater sense of balance and better control on the board, making riding more accessible.

  • Highly durable and large deck
  • Dual Asymmetric kick tail concave design
  • Weight capacity is 220 lbs.
  • Best for Beginners aged above 8
  • Professional riders will find it unsuitable.

If you’re new to skating and want a beginner-friendly board that’s better suited to you, the BELEEV complete skateboard is a great option. This skateboard features a long-lasting deck and a stylish appearance. This is without a doubt one of the best skateboards for 8 year old beginners. It’s a lot of fun to ride this thing.

3. Retrospec Quip Skateboard – Best Classic Skateboard


Retrospec Quip Skateboard - Best Classic Skateboard

There are many types of kids skateboarding, but Retrospec is one of the best mini skateboards. This is the best kid’s skateboard. It is composed of durable plastic and comes fully assembled. Furthermore, it has a popular classic retro design that everyone loves. Its board is relatively light, making it easy to transport. You can simply carry it in your backpack without getting injured.


Stylish and comfortable
This skateboard has a 22.5-inch board length. It has 85 A PU wheels that are rubbery and soft, ensuring excellent mobility and smooth riding. Its trucks are made of an aluminium alloy. It is six inches broad and is incredibly stable, providing a comfortable ride.

Stability and longevity
These skateboards are very stable and long-lasting. Its deck is highly powerful for kids. They’re also more durable thanks to their soft wheels, which can be used for extended periods.

Flexible and smooth ride
These skateboards feature a smooth PU wheel. These rebound wheels are further attached to the ABEC-9 precision bearing. Plus, it has high rebound Polyurethane bushing providing a very smooth ride. In short, you will have a great time skating on your skateboard.

Portable and lightweight
It is built of solid plastic and includes everything you’ll have to get started. Everyone loves its classy retro design. In addition, its board is very light, making it very easy to carry.

  • Weight carrying capacity is 220 lbs.
  • Soft and rubbery PU wheels.
  • ABEC 7 Bearings for fast and smooth riding.
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • It is inadequate for stunts due to its relatively small size.

Retrospec Quip Skateboard is the perfect pick if you want a super sturdy, incredibly light, and super smooth ride. Its rubbery wheels give you smooth riding. This mini skateboard is very lightweight in weight and easily transportable.

4. Cruiser Skateboard for Kids – Best For 6-12 Ages 


Cruiser Skateboard for Kids - Best For 6-12 Ages


Skateboarding is an excellent game for kids and adults alike. Jaoul’s goal is to assist everyone in getting their skateboard and getting started riding. This Jaoul Skateboard is so beautiful and cool that it attracts a wide range of children. This Mini Cruiser Skateboard is composed of high-quality plastic that is incredibly flexible and durable.

Balance & Skill Innovation
The Jaoul skateboard is inspired by dolphins, which can swim quickly and smoothly. The Jaoul skateboard has a sleek board (like a fish) that helps it ride smoothly and fast, as well as 30°tails for improved balance and tricking. It has to be the ideal board for beginners looking for a pleasant and straightforward ride.

Safe Riding
This skateboard has high-quality PU wheels with ABEC-7 Bearing, which provides a smooth ride. It also has high-quality Alloy trucks, which are hard and solid enough to support great heavy duty.

Superior Quality and Durability:
The mini Cruiser Skateboard is made of good quality plastic, far more durable and elastic than other boards. It has a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs.

Best Gift for you
Skate is a highly fantastic and entertaining game for boys and girls, kids and adults. The Jaoul skateboard is so gorgeous and stylish that it attracts many children and is an ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas, and other occasions.

Ready to Use
When you receive your cruiser skateboard, it will be finished and ready to use. Only remember to adjust your bearings before riding to choose your speed.

  • ABEC-7 Bearings
  • Sturdy Al-Mg Alloy Trucks
  • The load capacity is 300 lbs.
  • 90A PP plastic board
  • portable carrying bag with free tools and bearings
  • Has to adjust bearing first

The cruiser skateboard is ideal for both children and beginners who wish to learn to ride rapidly. This mini skateboard is designed for kids and beginners. In short, children enjoy riding on it.

5. WOOKRAYS Wireless Remote Control Skateboard – Best Electric


WOOKRAYS Wireless Remote Control Skateboard - Best Electric


The Wookrays skateboard is an electric mini cruiser skateboard. It has a wireless electric removal control system that makes life easy for you. You can enjoy skateboarding without any discomfort because of its advanced design characteristics. It’s an excellent entry-level electric skateboard for kids or young teenagers because of its appealing design.

Stable and Durable
The best mini skateboard comprises a 7-layer stern maple deck with improved flex, stability, and durability. It is strong enough to sustain all forms of stamping collisions and does not distort. It has a maximum load capacity of 80 Kg.

Wireless Remote Control System
The skateboard is equipped with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control that allows you to move forward & backwards. You can also control its speed and brake. It has a controlling range of up to 14 m. Using led indicators, you can keep track of the skateboard’s battery capacity.

Adjustable speed level
This skateboard’s 350W motor offers three speed settings for beginners and experienced skaters, i.e. Low speed up to 6.2mph, Medium speed 9.3mph, and High 12.4mph. It has a Lithium Battery of 29.4 V that can be recharged in about 2 hours.

Easy To Use
It has sturdy PU wheels, as well as a kick tail and concave shape for enhanced control. Thus you can glide effortlessly along the street regardless of your skill level.

Electric Skateboard Abilities
Even people who have never skated before may simply operate the board. You can push forward to increase speed. You can Push back to slow down. You can make adjustments to the centre and can change the direction easily.

  • A powerful 350 W motor reaches 20 KM/H
  • Wireless Control System
  • Three Speed Modes
  • 80A PU Wheel
  • Best suited for Kids and Adults
  • It can use on rough surfaces
  • Weight capacity up to 80 Kg
  • Limited Battery life and range

Wookrays electric skateboard is perfect for an adjustable wireless remote controller, a stable and sturdy skateboard. Its three-speed options make it ideal for both beginners and advanced skaters. On the downside, I believe this skateboard is a little expensive, and the battery died after a short time.

6. Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard – Best with A.I. Smart Sensors


Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard - Best with A.I. Smart Sensors

Swagtron NG3 is the best mini-style electric skateboard. It is designed for children and teenagers. It has a shiny black background and stunning yellow patterns that look pretty awesome. It can readily attract youngsters from all around the world because of its trendy appearance. Its deck is strong enough to withstand the weight of riders up to 150 lbs.

High-Performance Deck
It has a dense polypropylene deck that provides strength, stability, and flexibility. It has a polypropylene deck and wheels that don’t show much wear and strain. This mini electric skateboard is the best skateboard for 6-year-old children and teenagers.

Kick less and move more.
It has an intelligent sensor that monitors the rider’s weight, stability, and motion. You just push the board to activate the infinite mode, which allows you to kick less to go more. When you dismount, the sensors detect it, and you can stop the skateboard.

Extra Lightweight and Portable
The board’s weight is less than 8 lbs and is 20 inches long. It comfortably fits in your bag if you need to pick it up and go.

From Kick to Cruise
Its advanced technology allows you to maintain a pace of up to 9.3 miles per hour. With each kick-off, you can cruise for longer and faster.

Indicators of the LED system
When you’re fueled up and ready to ride, the eye-catching rear system indicator will let you know. It also functions as a pedestrian movement indicator.

  • 100W motor
  • Polypropylene deck and wheels.
  • Super mini-style
  • Weight limit: 44-150 lbs
  • Lacks remote control.
  • Best suited for kids and teens.
  • There is no manual speed control.

Swagtron’s Swagskate NG3 kids electric skateboard is an excellent choice for beginners. It has a small and lightweight design factor that makes it easy to carry. The innovative sensors make it simple to ride, and the peak speed of 15 mph with a range of 10 kilometres is sufficient for most users.

7. PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man – Best Cheapest


PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man - Best Cheapest

If your child is a fan of Spiderman or you’re searching for a Spider-man skateboard for kids, then the Playwheel cruiser skateboard will be the best option. This skateboard is from the Play Wheels brand, which provides a variety of Spiderman-themed skateboards in various sizes. Its deck is constructed of strong 9-ply wood and is intended for cruising.

Aside from the quality, its deck has a single kicktail design that gives you more control over the board. Thus you can apply brakes easily.

Stylish and Comfortable Design
The design of this 21-inch cruiser skateboard is really comfy. Its single Kicktail allows you more control while riding. You can apply brakes easily when riding. As a result, a wide range of pranks will be possible.

Durable Cruising Deck
The deck of this 21-inch cruiser skateboard is comprised of 9-ply strong and durable laminated wood. This durable deck is ideal for practising new skateboarding skills.

Smooth Riding
PVC injection wheels are used on this skateboard. The wheels with nylon bearings will guarantee a smooth ride.

Built to Last
This skateboard has Steel axles. Furthermore, the use of composite trucks will aid in the support of heavier loads and speed control.

Suitable for All
Because these skateboards are robust and durable, they can support up to 100 pounds of rider weight. These are the best skateboards for 5-year-old kids to 10-year-old kids.

  • Weight capacity up to 100 lbs.
  • 21-inch 9-ply deck with single kicktail
  • Special grip surface
  • Steel axles and Composite trucks
  • Nylon bearings
  • PVC injected wheels
  • 21″L x 6″W
  • Best suited for kids aged between 5-10
  • Has a short-term lifespan.

This is a great skateboard for kids who want to learn to balance on a themed skateboard. It is designed for youngsters aged 5 to 10. One of the features that distinguish this product from others is that it gives you greater control than other skateboards.


Here we will also give you some important FAQs about the Best skateboard for kids and beginners, that will be helpful to you in the future.

What is the Best Size for Kids Skateboarding?

Every skateboard is different in size, style, and features, but the conventional length is a perfect way to start for beginners. If you’re a beginner skater, go with a deck size of 7.75 inches or 8.38 inches if you’re not sure what you’re doing. For beginners, a deck size of 8.0″-8.38″ is sufficient.

 How Much Should You Pay on Your First Skateboard?

If you’re a beginner buying a skateboard for the first time. Always choose a durable and versatile budget skateboard. One of the cheap but good skateboards can readily be purchased for under $30.However, if you choose a cheaper one with low-quality deck material, you will not be able to learn to skate properly. Furthermore, your safety will be affected.

 Is it safe for kids to ride skateboards?

Kids will stay safe when skating with the correct supervision, routine practices, and safety equipment. If you’re training a younger child to skateboard, make sure they’re doing so in a safe place. Allow children to skate on the road or in crowded areas where they may collide with someone or be knocked down.

Types of Best Skateboards

Skateboards are divided into four groups. Which one you choose is determined by your child’s age, skill level, and preferred form of skateboarding.


They’re great for getting from one point to another and aren’t designed for tricks or flips. Longboards are suitable for people aged 9 and up. They’re great for skating downhill, on flat streets, on side streets, and even long distances.


The length of a cruiser skateboard is shorter than that of a longboard. This makes them lighter and easier to control, and they’re not as stable as longboards. They are appropriate for children aged 9 and older.


A mini-cruiser is similar to a cruiser. However, it is much smaller. This makes a popular choice among young beginners and skateboarders looking for a cruiser that can be stored in a backpack if not used. They are suitable for children aged 8 and up.


A board with an upturn for each end is known as a double-kick. A skateboarder may now perform tricks from either end of the board. These are appropriate for people of all ages.

How to Pick the Right Skateboard for Your Child?

Look for a board with a more oversized deck if your kid is a beginner, as it provides more stability. Then think about the elements which are given below.

Age of Child

The board size that is suitable for your child is determined by their age, height, and foot size.

Purpose of Skateboard

Ask why your kid wants a skateboard and also what they intend to do with it. Are they looking for a way to get to a friend’s home, or are they looking to perform tricks? Then choose the most proper type as we previously discussed.


The trucks, PU bushings, Precision bearings, and wheels influence the skateboard’s longevity, safety, and price.


Beginners for skateparks and tricks should use wheels that are less than 53 mm in diameter. Wheels with a diameter of 53 to 59 mm are best for beginners and also for all-around skaters. At the same time, a wheel with more than 60 mm in diameter can be used for rough surfaces.

Safe Skateboarding Tips

It’s crucial to ride your skateboard safely if you want to have a good time. Here are some essential safety guidelines to keep you safe.

  • For safe riding should use Wrist guards, knee protectors, and elbow pads. Closed-toe shoes are also recommended for safe riding.
  • Do not even try to do complicated techniques until you’ve learned the essentials.


Skateboarding is a hobby that kids can use for finding entertainment and also developing more skills. It is most commonly used all over the world. There are numerous types of skateboards of different sizes and features. But it is necessary to select the best one for our kids. So, before buying the Best skateboards for beginners, you must know their size and quality. And make sure it will be safe to use for your kids or not.

There are different best skateboards for beginners and kids. But here we mention some of the most important best skateboards, which make a more accessible selection of the best ones from others. But still, you have confused about selecting the best one, so here we will recommend the two most important skateboards for kids. The “Scientoy Skateboard and Cruiser Skateboard”. Both have advanced design features and are best suited for beginners kids.

We also cover some crucial lessons for learning how to bike safely. In addition, there are certainly important factors to consider when choosing skateboards. We hope that our in-depth evaluations, buying guide, and FAQ sections will assist you in deciding which skateboard to purchase.

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